Liverpools Best Sunday Roast

Treat Yourself To A British Staple Dinner

The quintessential part of British culture has had our weeks orientated around one of our most prideful meals that resides on a Sunday - the Sunday roast. As Micky Flanagan once wisely pointed out in one of his stand up shows talking about holidaying in Spain "We're struggling to get a roast on Sundays!" Which pretty much summarises what flitters through the mind of every British traditionalist who just wants to be swimming in gravy, and garlic and rosemary roast potatoes. So today, there will be no fuss I'll just get straight to the point and have a chat about the best roast dinner in Liverpool outside of something your family will throw together from Momma's secret recipe cookbook. I put together a roast for the family yesterday in fact, which we all know is about timing and the finest ingredients. As much as I loved the experience of cooking for my family, it can be one of lifes daunting challenges in the kitchen - however I've now learnt the solution is to simply get out and let someone else cook it for you, for a mere couple of quid more. Resolved. So today I'll be talking you through my favourite location to chow down on Liverpools best Sunday roast and why you need to book yourself in at Dockleaf immediately.


Dockleaf by name, Dockleaf by nature. The restaurant bar in the Baltic Triangle, and specifically Cains Brewery is a hidden gem to those who dare not venture off further than the top of Bold Street. A short walk through China town, or by the docks will open up to the land of artisan difference. If you've never been, it's a sight to behold! Where independent shops, restaurants and bars are almost off the grid in the Matrix, except only the locals know where these beautiful locations are. That's Dockleaf, and here I am spoiling the secret for you all today.

I've been fortunate enough to head to Dockleaf before during this summer on the hottest day whilst working with Unilad on some awesome videos. However I was totally unaware of just how cool it actually was, if I hadn't been lapping it up in the sunshine over a gin & tonic. Dockleaf in Cains Brewery prides itself on being a modern pub, where you can buy every pub-lovers dream snacks, incredible selection of unique and artisan beers. Although that's not to say they're too hipster that you can't get in your favourite classic beer. However the true beauty is heading up the two flights of stairs beyond the comfortable sofas and onto the top floor where we dined.


Me & Paddy were fully aware that a roast and cocktails were on the menu. It was a freezing, rainy day in England so a hearty roast does the trick and warms the soul. We ordered practically everything off the Sunday menu. Chicken supreme with sage and onion stuffing - although a topside of beef did sound equally as mouth watering. They also have a butternut squash version with vegan nut stuffing for every vegan out there (huzzah!) All served with roast potatoes, blanched carrot, steamed cabbage, Yorkshire pudding & gravy - all freshly made, all beautifully made the way a roast is intended. We opted for all the trimmings, because that is what is required of any roast dinner expert; pigs in blankets, honey roasted parsnips, cauliflower cheese, extra gravy - you name it, we asked for it.

Few words were spoken throughout the meal, which we've identified for almost 6 years in our relationship is a sign of an amazing meal. If you can get us to shut up and eat then it's bloody brilliant. Many a "mmm" and the topic of choice through was as guessed, the food.

The Roast

The Cocktails

The cocktails were also a massive talking point, when it came down to the unique twists on classics. Dockleaf's Bloody Mary combines Absolut vodka infused with celery and green peppercorn, oloroso sherry, Dockleaf’s spicy bloody blend and fanfare. A twist I'd specifically go back to their bar to order. You've all grown to know about being a huge fan of a Bloody Mary, but this blows every other out the water.

This was followed up with a peach tequila cocktail, River run -  fresh, warming and perfectly sweet.

Finally if you're opting for an after dinner drink (although, perfectly acceptable at any point during a meal in my opinion!) Is their Irish coffee, known for it's depth of flavour taking all the goodness from the filter coffee and re-worked into a magical twist of flavours with Green Spot Whisky, Guinness and topped with cream, nutmeg and dark chocolate to delight every palette.

So you'd think, why on earth would you want a dessert after all this - and the answer to this is that it should be a requirement after being given the opportunity to try their jam sponge pudding with custard. It's cheap as chips at a mere £4 and is the best custard I've ever tried (Yes even better than when my Mum makes it, sorry Mum!) Also on the dessert menu for the Sunday Roast Club is their sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream - I never even had the chance to ask if I could pinch a spoonful, as Paddy is notorious territorial when he finds a sticky toffee pudding that makes him grin from ear to ear. Enough said, jam sponge pudding for one, no sharing, just pure selfishness and proud. It was bliss.

The Puddings

So if you're hunting down a place to try Liverpools best Sunday roast, or need a spot to kick back and grab an Irish Coffee, make Dockleaf the location of choice!