How To Be A Savvy Fashion Shopper For Bargains

Getting The Most Out Of Your Clothes Shop

At one time or another we've tried to find a way of getting our favourite pieces for less - and why the hell not? Our hard earned money needs to be savoured as much as possible, so the more we can get, the more left over to do other things like see friends, family or even to buy them gifts, especially with Christmas pacing around the corner. So todays post I wanted to have a quick chat about saving money when buying clothes. These are some of my favourite tips that I personally use when trying to save the pennies but get exactly what I want. So the cats out of the bag, so do take note before you run off on your Christmas shopping spree!

Now I’m relatively new to the idea of getting cash back, however I like the idea that you can win back your moneys worth. I’ve just recently discovered Boom25 cashback site, which guarantees every 25th purchase you’ll get a total refund of what you bought sent straight to your Paypal account. So it’s always extremely nifty to do your research and whenever you’ve made a large expensive purchase to scope out whether you can do it via cashback. So this applies to any kind of purchase you’ve made, a lovely dress, a laptop, a fridge - so overall it’s probably my handiest tip when buying huge items. What’s also quite cool is that the odds improve more in your favour so even when you scope out the site to see the retailers available you’re improving your chances and beating the algorithm. 

So with sites like Ebay, Tesco, Boohoo and a whole host of other brands, they all have individual “Booms” like every 10th purchase wins a full cashback. Which is honestly brilliant if you’re a frequent Boohoo fan like me. 

Luckily it’s free to join, quick and easy - all you have to do upon signing up is link your Paypal with Boom 25 so they can credit your account when you’ve hit a boom! 

Get Cashback

Hunt Around On Other Sites

You probably already know about this one, because it’s the oldest trick in the book from online shopping. But in 2018 you should realise that the internet is the holy grail of information and over-sharing, so very very kind people spend their time posting discount codes so we can shop with ease. It’s always worth typing into the search engine the brand you’re looking for, with the added “discount code” or “voucher” at the end, you never ever know what you might find. 

Remember when GDPR was all the rage and you simply couldn’t get enough of those emails telling you how they need to delete and protect your data. Well it’s time to get back involved with email newsletters. Because if like me, you’re constantly glued to your emails 24/7 then you can also keep up to date with any discounts or special customer vouchers for your loyalty. 

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Google Discount Codes

I’ve seen plenty of people want a certain designer item and route around the internet to see if they can find it quicker - definitely not a fake version. But certain official retailers can be having flash sales. I’ve seen Dolce & Gabbana pieces fall 70% on some sites. Having a good rummage is always worth your time, particularly if you want it so bad.