How To Be A Happier Person

Becoming A Positive Person

We're always striving to be the best person of ourselves. We change our diet, we make ourselves look better just to give us that little sense of self satisfaction. Happiness is something we take for granted, it's not something that can be bought with money or in the possessions that we own. Happiness comes from deep within us, as to be content with ones self is to love ones self. I wrote a huge post about how to improve your body confidence  and how to love yourself. Which I still see as being the definitive ways to improving your self esteem, but behind your self esteem is how you truly feel about your life, and not just yourself. Today I'll be talking you through ways that will start making you happier today, and becoming a more positive person.


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I take a great amount of pride in being a positive person, I see that as my true defining characteristic, I personally rate my positivity higher than my personal achievements and academic successes. Because to be positive gives you a greater understanding of human emotions for yourself and others, it gives you the kind ear and the ability to listen to others, and more importantly uplift them. I do believe it's something you're born with, you're either a half full glass kind of person, or you're half empty. However this doesn't mean to say that there's no changing and improving yourself throughout the years.

Before you start your journey, take a few moments to ask yourself - are you positive? Are you happy in this current moment (and it's completely okay to not feel happy!) This exercise is meant to bring your personal thoughts to the forefront of your mind. Whilst you start to address issues rather than me giving you an exhaustive list of what you may, or may not take onboard. Compile a list in your mind of all the things that could stop you from being happy, is it being surrounded by negativity from others, or your job? Next, problem by problem create a realistic answer of how it could be solved. Using the examples above, is it best to remove unwanted people from your life, or at least start the process of fading away from them. Or is it looking into different career possibilities? Whatever it is that is burdening your life, always remember that is nothing is permanent, and you are only human to not be happy at times. What builds you as a person is your journey and ability to switch paths, to create a life that is fulfilling and happy.

Happiness is the meaning of life, whilst we'll never know the definitive reason why we are on this planet, we should still have a good run of making some happy memories.

So now that you're fully equipped and in a logical mindset of your problems, start to make changes - and if they can't be resolved right now, have a go at some of the suggestions below.

Start to understand why you might not be happy

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5 Tips Towards Positivity

1. Go outside more 

Any time you're feeling remotely down, take yourself outside - this could be to a place where you once felt happy. A park is usually a great starting point, there's no stress, only nature and everything that is free in life like sunshine, trees, and seeing other happy people. Lack of sunlight can affect us all, people who suffer with Seasonal Adjustment Disorder have a hard time getting back to a state of positivity because they thrive for what makes them happy, which is usually the sunlight.

It's estimated you should get at least 20 minutes of sunlight a day, this could be indirect sun on a cloudy autumn day, or midday with sunny blue skies. Taking yourself on a walk to activate endorphins is a natural mood boaster, it might just take your mind off what's troubling you.

I've personally noticed that the more time I spend outside, the more I want to be outside. We all go through phases of wanting to hide under a nice warm blanket and hibernate for the colder months. However I can guarantee if you wrap yourself up toasty in a comfortable coat, hat, scarf and gloves and feel the fresh air hit your skin, you'll rapidly change your mind.

In your lowest of times where negative thoughts might be surrounding your head, it's a great exercise to push those thoughts out by distracting yourself with hobbies and activities that encourage positive behaviour and thought patterns. It's okay to come to a standstill in your life, and get into a rut of the same repetitive motions, but what provides the spice of life is trying new things and cranking cogs in the brain that might not have been exercised in a while. Make some time whenever it suits you to get creative, read a book, indulge in cooking a new recipe or taking up a course that'll give you an end result. It'll push for positive results and you'll see the benefits of completion, it can be something to show your friends or family or maybe even to justify to yourself that you're fantastic.


2. Start up a new hobby

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3. Start making decisions that will benefit you

It's a relatively simple tip that has massive gains if done properly. It's not being selfish, it's having self-love for yourself. This is not to say that you should turn away anyone who ever needs your help, as that in itself can bring positivity. However questioning your decisions before you make them will give you a better quality of life - knowing that everything you've done you've fully agreed to. Whilst you're at it, say yes to things you never would have dreamt of doing, you may even like it!


Mindfullness can be done anywhere, anytime, first thing in the morning or the last thing at night time before you fall asleep. Since I was a child I was always told to praise myself for anything I did right, I had positive enforcement from the get-go and any mistakes I made to build upon them to make two wrongs a right. Appreciating yourself will teach you to love who you are, what you stand for on this little planet swirling in space. There's only one of you, so love yourself the way that your friends and family do. 

4. Make time to appreciate yourself

5. Learn to relax

Stress is incredibly detrimental to your health, and you need time to wind down. Whether that's pouring a hot bath, or picking up a book you've always wanted to read. Whatever it is that centres you and gives you a big happy sigh of relief, go and do it. I've only just learned to take my own advice on this and to not overload myself with too much. It can be difficult to unwind if this is not something you do regularly, but there are things that you can use to help you, such as CBD or THC for example. If you'd like to try THC, then you could check out this blog post to learn about the best products available. You might be surprised to find that once you actually let yourself unwind, you can do it. You deserve a Netflix and chill to wind down the brain from hectic life! I fully recommend booking yourself a spa day if that appeals to you, for the ultimate opportunity to lounge around in a robe in a comfortable soothing setting whilst you feel all your senses become simultaneously un-tightened. A massage is good for the soul, and I'll guarantee you'll relax so much that you fall asleep!