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New York is known for being the city that never stops moving. The Big Apple seems to come to life as the sun goes down. The city shines brightest at night, but this does not mean that the days are all dull. When you visit New York for a vacation, you can enjoy the city while the locals are busy at work. Daytime is when you can enjoy activities in the city without having to deal with an enormous crowd. Here are some things you can do in New York during the day.

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Airport helicopter tours of the city can get your sightseeing bucket list covered. With the help of airport helicopter tours, you can cut down wait time in traffic and lines. Even if you are planning a trip to the Hamptons, the airport helicopter tours also offer shuttle service. Depending on the kind of package you book, you will be flown over parts of the city and given a guided tour. Your pilot will ensure that you do not miss a single sight during your flight.

Helicopter Tour

Picnic at Central Park

There are many parks that you can visit during the day in New York. Central Park is the most romanticized sprawling green island amid the towering skyscraper city. At Central Park, there are many activities that you can enjoy during the day. You can go boating or cycling. The best way to enjoy a bring spring day in New York is by packing a meal and enjoying a picnic. Take a book and enjoy reading your day away.

If you are visiting New York in the spring or fall, then the botanical garden is a bucket list must-have. In spring you can enjoy the blossoming of the cherry blossoms, in fall you can see the trees shedding their leaves.

Next, to the sprawling Botanical Garden, you can visit the Bronx Zoo. The exhibits, rides, and experiences make the Bronx Zoo an exciting place to spend the day with your family.

Visit the Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo

Enjoy Beach Time

On a sunny day, heading to the beach is a must. You can combine a ferry ride along with your beach trip. A ferry to Coney Island can get you to the beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sand. For the surf lovers, Rockaways provide the best waves to catch.

Before the winter chill sets in you can enjoy rowing down the Hudson River. There are many locations along the river from where you can hire a kayak. From mid-October, the river gets too chilly for kayaking. On a sunny day, you can visit one of the piers and get rowing.

Row Down the Hudson River

See the Sunrise/Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge

The view of Brooklyn Bridge is magnificent from airport helicopter tours. But the view of a sunrise and a sunset from the bridge itself is stunning. You can take a walk or bike to the middle of the bridge to get a glimpse of both. Get the time right and have the perfect beginning or end to your exciting day in the Big Apple.

Do not spend your New York days indoors. Head out and soak in the sun when holidaying in New York.