Tips For Travelling To America

Things To Note Before Departure

So you've got the idea into your head that you're gonna embark on a wild roadtrip travelling across the states, live the American dream and see all the beautiful sites. Before you book that extended stay and get excited over plane tickets and destinations, there's a few things to take note of before you jump to any conclusions. Today's post will be chatting through the best things to take into consideration before embarking on your American trip!


The first thing you’ll be wanting to look into is your VISA & ESTA.  Both will give you the availability of being able to travel and stay in the USA. An Esta authorisation, once obtained can be used for number of visits.  Check out this link to see the validity period of an ESTA and if you’ll need to get one for the time you intend to stay. 

The important thing to note is that you need verification of this before you fly, so don’t book your tickets until you’ve got this step sorted! 

Obtain Your Esta

Invest An A TSA Lock

It always seems like a good idea to buy a padlock for your suitcase, as sadly not everyone is as good hearted as others, so you obviously want to have an amazing time and keep all your belongings safe. However to ensure that your goods are well looked after and don’t cause any delays in the airport, use a TSA approved lock that can be opened with a master key if your bag is deemed as a bit dodgy by the staff. 

Don’t make the silly mistake of leaving your data on, only to come home to a huge bill of that time you instagrammed your seriously photogenic breakfast. The rates for international surfing is truly ridiculous, so always hop on the free wifi in most places or purchase a international travel data bundle. It’s usually cheap as chips and worth so much fuss!

Get An Internet Plan For The US.

Allow A Little More Cash For Tipping

It’s only good manners to tip a service that you really enjoyed. Never ever feel obliged to tip when you’ve been given awful service, it’s not illegal to not toss an extra few dollars onto the tray, but credit where credit is due as a lot of people who work in the hospitality business aren’t appreciated enough for their work. It’s usually an unwritten rule to tip 10-20% in restaurants, or a few dollars for your taxi driver for giving you a comfortable ride around a city.