How To Market Yourself Through Instagram

Top Tips For Getting The Most From Your Branding

As someone who's career is primarily online and via social media platforms I see the beauty that can come to new brands and services who wish to heighten their engagement. Instagram is the ideal tool in 2018 to get yourself out there and known. With it's visual platform hosting over one million unique monthly visitors it's be very silly to not target a new audience to your business. So today I'll be talking you through the best ways to market yourself on Instagram so that you're seen many more people than before.

Instagram Tips

Firstly, if you don't fancy doing all the running around yourself and a budget available you might as well employ an external company like Reachive who specialise in developing a brand on Instagram. Having a digital marketing agency who supplies your Instagram Marketing Service will take all the fuss out of your daily jobs, so that you can concerntrate on making your product or service the best it can be. They will happily take care of your growth and create fantastic ways of increasing your brand awareness. They'll have tactics so that you can put your services up in front of a targeted audience, whilst giving advice on how to optimise your profile so that they can convert traffic into customers. It's a fail-proof way of ensuring that your money goes into the hands of experts who specialise in Instagram.

You should always check out sources like this Nitreo review article on how to obtain organic followers through Instagram. There's so many different methods to heighten your IG following in a natural way, so I highly recommend checking this out.

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Hashtag Efficiently

However not everyone has a budget for driving organic traffic via an external company, so here's a few of my tips for doing it yourself. 

Learn how to hashtag correctly. Gone are the days of pasting in hashtags just so that it'll be shown to people around the world and maybe get a few extra likes. For a guaranteed way of seeing engagement turn into customers you need to sit down and work out what you're about as a person or a brand and identify some keywords that others might use to find something. For instance, I'm a blogger, specifically a blogger from Liverpool so I often use the hashtag #LiverpoolBlogger, not only is this addressing a service, but also its region. The best way to find out what you stand for is to spend an hour writing down everything you do as a service, then heading to Instagram to check out what others have put who are in a similar field. Are they using appropriate hashtags, and how can you benefit from a similar method. However it is important to note that you should have your own niche, so only use this as a guideline, not a rule. The end result is that you have something so bespoke and unique that no one else offers that you can positively benefit from that isn't jeopardised easily by another company.

Instagram only allows 30 hashtags, so really make each one of them count, you don't have to use all 30, just the ones that apply to you and your own branding. And you should use trending hashtags on Instagram always.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, the creativity of your posts will have a significant difference on your appearance to potential engagers. Find new and interesting ways of engaging people, whether that be posting quotes against a beautiful background or snapping a photo of some of your colleagues in action. It's been proven that users are 38% more likely to engage with your photo if it shows someones face. Maybe that's tribalism from the days of being a caveman but we're naturally attracted to healthy, friendly faces so a cheeky grin never harms!

Nowadays you don't have to have a degree in photography like myself to make it big time online, everyone is a micro-photographer with the use of smartphones. So do spend some time getting creative with your phones and cameras by learning the right settings and how to edit your photos to be the best quality they can be. Photoshop and Lightroom are by far the best methods of optimising your images without downgrading your quality, the aim for a good picture after you've shot it is to preserve as much detail as you can before it's rendered down and can appear blocky, noisy and unappealing. However if you're looking for something quick and on the go that's accessible via your phone Snapseed is one of my favourites for editing, it's like having Lightroom in your pocket.

Most importantly, have fun and your positive vibe will radiate online!

Be Creative With Imagery

Instagram Tips

Geo-tag Yourself

Alike hashtags, it's a careful stage of moderation. Why go to all the trouble of creating a fantastic service, snapped in a great photo if no one nearby is going to see it? This is where geotagging has made a massive revelation in branding - and luckily you don't have to be in that location to tag it, just simply search your location that you wish to display when posting an image, and you'll pop up whenever that place is searched on Instagram.

You can also try this nifty trick through your Instagram stories by selecting your location. This will give your users an insight into where you are based, but also have the opportunity of potentially being shown on that regions story which is pinpointed customers in that specific area.

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. But in the online realm, there's plenty of them. Everyone loves a freebie and it's the perfect way of bringing in new followers to see what you're up to. Whether you're giving away free makeup, a holiday or just your time, there's always going to be someone somewhere who would love to give it a go. See competitions like a trial and free advertising, you get new customers coming in and they get to tell all their friends about what a wonderful job you did.

I've found the best way of getting people engaged is to encourage them to follow your account, like your photo and tag a friend!

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