How To Feel Less Tired

My Three Top Tips On How To Beat Your Fatigue

We all hit a point in our lives, where we become so exhausted whether that's physically, mentally or emotionally. It's a perfect natural state of mind, I mean come on, you're only human after all! Although we strive for every moment to be positively lasting, filled with rainbows, love and happiness. Sometimes you might go through a phase where you can't shake this dull ache of tiredness. I recently suffered with this, where you feel like bubbling pot that occasionally keeps spilling onto the surfaces of life - sound familiar? Well let's hope this post can help you push through a period of feeling tired, and understanding what is making you tired. 

I learnt that mine was feeling overworked, and not allowing enough rest for my mind to relax. Thankfully I established this quite early, I ruled out every other possibility, I'm naturally a very happy person and this never dipped my attitude. However I felt it was taking a strain on my body, where I just wanted to sleep for hours and hours, which I've learnt can be equally as damaging as overworking. Here's a few tips to keep in mind for when you're truly knackered and need a buzz of motivation to get you back on track whilst not overdoing it.

Tiredness can be down to a number of reasons; stress, poor nutrition, lack of happiness or even medical conditions. Don't scare yourself too soon by Dr Google, but tiredness and feeling exhausted can be easily rectified by using the following tips to make changes within your lifestyle, for a happy, healthy and active you!

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I'm sure the brain can only handle a certain amount of information before it starts to glaze over and any incoming messages start to appear monotone and boring. This tip alone saved me from repetitively feeling tired and helped me feel more motivated.

It's as simple as giving yourself a break, just a little time to indulge in doing nothing at all. No phones, no digitalism, simply nothing. Although you might be sitting comfortably on a sofa scrolling through Facebook at the lives of others, you need some time to recharge both body and mind in order to balance yourself back to what you were.

No amount of work should make you feel exhausted on a daily basis, so try to space out your events, giving adequate time for you. I was always a demon to myself by powering through my lunchtime, and not giving myself a break from things. I'm naturally very motivated and always strive to do my best at everything I touch, but there does come a time where you need to stop. Having a break will give you so much mental clarity, allowing for fresh new ideas and inspiration to take hold. You'll enjoy those tasks more knowing you've rejuvenated yourself by sitting down for some food, and coming back to a project.


Giving Yourself A Break

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Watch What You're Intaking

A poor diet can lead to fatigue, a good diet is brain food and helps to repair anything that needs a little TLC. Cast your mind back to what you've been eating over the past week and whether this could be the culprit to your lack of energy or motivation. There's plenty of options for boosting yourself, like having a healthy amount of protein, good carbohydrates, dark leafy vegetables with plenty of vitamin C to help the absorption of iron and magnesium, which is crucial for energy intake. If you pack all the good stuff onto your plate, then you're guaranteed to be rocking and rolling with a beaming smile and a spring in your step.

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It's coming to that time of year, where the days are getting shorter and the available sunlight is gradually starting to dip. It's unfortunate that quite a few people suffer with Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, and thus feel a dip in their mood and motivation. This also cannot be helped by the decreasing temperatures resulting in wanting to cuddle up into a toasty cinnamon bun on your sofa. However I can assure you, that if you can kick start a healthy exercise routine of taking at least a 20 minute stroll, and attempting to get in your 10,000 steps a day, you will see a natural boost in serotonin (the key ingredient for making you happy!)

Exercise and sunlight are natural motivators, but like anything in life too much of a good thing can be bad for you. So don't overstrain your body, so that you feel it badly the next day, and always wear SPF, yes even in the autumn and winter!

Head Out For A Walk

However if you do feel like this is an on-going situation well after trying all of these options, please do consult your Doctor to check out if a medical condition could be the underlying reason for your fatigue. Stay healthy, happy and wonderful!