Your Social Responsibility To Saving The Planet

How To Make Better Ethical Decisions

Todays post will be touching upon a topic that's extremely close to my heart, the earth. Man throughout the years has been destroying the beautiful planet that we live on through pollution, cutting down rainforests, for products that don't necessarily need to be chopped down when there are more suitable and sustainable methods. I'll be talking you through #MySocialSpirit in collaboration with Glasdon.

Stephi LaReine

We now live in an age where social movements are at it's peak, we can easily share a message via a tweet and send it out to millions of people within seconds, so the old times of campaigning on the streets is coming to a close. We as the population can take a stand when everyone stands together to create great social change to save the world and restore it as much as possible without further damage. I'll be discussing ways in which you can save the planet yourself as your social responsibility to keep this beautiful place that we all call home even more beautiful day by day.

"In 2015, it was agreed by world leaders, to set 17 goals for a better world by 2030. It has been suggested that these 17 goals for sustainable development, have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and bring a halt to climate change." - Gladson

It's surprising to note that social change isn't untouchable for us all, in fact it's the small lifestyle decisions that you make when decided on mass that make the biggest impact of them all. If you start to implement these small changes into your daily routine, you’ll not only live a more sustainable life, but you will also help to protect the environment as well as inspiring those around you to become more environmental friendly. Glasdon have been doing exactly this by encouraging those to share their own #MySocialSpirit across social media so that they can share with their local community to action on creating an environmentally friendly world.

Stephi LaReine

Start off by recycling, and utilise the space you have in your extra bins so that councils can do all the re-using. Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution, than if it was made from raw materials. It also takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of newspaper, so in the digital age where you can write down unlimited notes on your phone, take advantage by not using as much paper - and learning to recycle as part of your latest lifestyle adaptation. 

Save energy that isn’t used. When less power is consumed, the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants is reduced. This in turn will conserve the Earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from destruction. So how can you save on energy? Simply turning off light switches and sockets when they’re not required is a start. Other methods can include airing out clothes instead of using a tumble dryer which can consumer vast amounts of energy. Little techniques such as reaching for a jumper instead of blasting on the heating at the highest temperature will also benefit your energy consumption. This is also a fantastic way of saving money, as well as the all important environment. 

So how can you make changes within your life at home?

How can you make changes within your community?

Every member of a community can make changes so that it functions well, it goes without saying that you should never litter, but putting your rubbish in the general recycling bin (when there are other suitable options) can be just as damaging. Make use of the recycling bins, and encourage others to do so too! All rubbish can be disposed of correctly instead of making it into landfill.

Stephi LaReine

Go paperless, there’s simply no need for notes to be taken on paper in the digital age - be more mindful in your ethical decisions.

Volunteering is a socially responsible method that can encourage your work colleagues to make a difference in their communities or work places.

Donating to charities or resources that can help with ethical issues such as littering can be an ideal way of funding projects when you don’t have the time to volunteer yourself. Leave a donation box in the office for contributions.

How can you make changes at work?

How can you make changes on-the-go?

Supermarkets over the past few years have been implementing this techniques ruthlessly by charging for plastic bags, and giving the option to customers to buy bags for life. Instead of stuffing your cupboard with old plastic bags, invest in a few durable re-useable bags such as totes and woven carriers. Many shops operate a policy of providing new and useable bags when the handles break, so there’s never not an excuse to do your bit for the environment. Plastic bags can take anywhere from 15-1000 years to decompose. Since the scheme was introduced in 2015 England has since reduced it’s number of plastic bags by 80%!

Opt for no straw, or if you are in a place that does serve straws make sure they seek an appropriate way to dispose of them correctly. Many major restaurants and bars are choosing to boycott plastic straws from their establishment offering environmentally friendly versions for sipping cocktails, iced coffees and juices. Make better choices and think if it’s truly required.

Finally By adopting the mind-set that your individual changes can help to make the world a more sustainable place, you can inspire others around you to follow suit. Working together to make better, more mindful decisions surrounding sustainability will ensure we continue to protect and grow the environment for generations to come.

How does your social spirit impact the environment? What steps do you take to improve the environment? Don’t forget to join the conversation by using the hashtag #MySocialSpirit

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