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Refresh Your Bedroom with Duvet Covers

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes and it can be hard to light on exactly the right furniture layout and soft furnishings to make your room look at its best. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your bedroom with duvets and bedding, no matter what size it is.

duvet covers 2018
duvet covers 2018

Big rooms can seem very empty and overwhelming if they are not decorated to fill the extra space. The first thing to appreciate is that a big room is actually a very good thing – not many people can afford to have a spacious bedroom, so if you have this 'problem' make the most of it with the right décor and furniture layout. If desired you can divide the room into two sections and have your very own bedroom office or personal gym in which to work-out every day. This is a good way to reduce your sleeping area to manageable proportions. It can be unnerving to try and get to sleep surrounded by yards and yards of emptiness so making the room into a dual use space is an excellent way to minimise your sleeping area while still enjoying the freedom of the bigger space

The Big Bedrooms

Sleeping Like a King with duvet covers

Within the actual sleeping area, you can draw the space together by using detailed fabrics, for example a down duvet cover and pillow cases that feature busy patterns. This 'busy-ness' will draw the visual focus making the room seem tighter and therefore smaller and more compact. Also, fit the largest bed you can afford into your big bedroom – for choosing king size duvet covers you can head over to Yorkshire Linen and order online from their great range of colours and fabrics suitable for both big and small bedrooms.

Small rooms need to be opened out. Emphasise this smaller space with bedding sets that use large blocks of colour, light shades, and geometric designs that are designed to make the bed look longer and wider. If your room is very small, fit the smallest bed in which you will be comfortable – there is no point squeezing a queen size bed into a room that is barely bigger than it – you will quickly become frustrated with having no wiggle room as far as the floor space is concerned.

The Small Bedrooms

duvet covers 2018

Add Warmth

No matter what size your bedroom is, you want it to be warm and welcoming. A great way to quickly add some heat to a room is to use 'hot' colours: red, orange, russet and various shades of brown. It has been psychologically proven that wearing red makes us feel physically warmer, and this also applies to our décor – red and warm shades, used in a room, make that room feel warmer and more welcoming than rooms picked out in shades of icy blue and grey.

Pile on the cushions and throws to add layers of cosiness and comfort. Square cushions as well as couch and sofa covers are more commonly seen on sofas and chairs, but they can add a certain something to any bedroom, working well with the bedding to create a wonderfully welcoming ambiance. Alte

Add Comfort

Add Texture

Do not rush to pick your fabrics – sometimes opting for something a little bit different can be a great way to change the focus of the décor. Deeply textured fabrics look great, adding drama to any piece of furniture and adding invitation to the bed, tempting you into having a nap whenever it catches your eye!

These few ideas are a great way to refresh your bedroom – and it will not cost more than the price of some new duvet sets!