Summer is slowing drawing into a close, the nights are getting dark faster and the hot food is ready to be served - we're all pretty much certain that Michael Buble is slowly defrosting just in time for Christmas. But sadly that also goes hand in hand with getting the common cold, which can come about for a number of reasons, so today I’ll be walking you through how to avoid spreading germs to everyone, whilst also keeping yourself risk free from the cold!

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Firstly, illnesses start from poor hygiene and the rapid increase of bacteria. It’s a very well known fact that bacteria multiples in double, so that’s it can be extremely quick from your colleague or friend to be ill and then pass it onto yourself. So to tackle the initial start of growing bacteria, some basic hygiene needs to be instilled into your routine.

FAST FACT: Researchers in London estimate that if everyone routinely washed their hands, a million deaths a year could be prevented



You can start off by doing simple tasks such as using tissues to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, making sure that you dispose of the snotty evidence afterwards, and proceed to wash your hands. The less germs you spread, the less likely you are to make yourself or others around you ill. Touch is the quickest way of germs spreading, so keeping a rigid routine of keeping your hands clean will minimise any contamination, particularly at large events where you touch hands with a lot of different people.

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The other big indicator of people getting ill is through food preparation, most people don’t wash their hands or use gloves like the Brosch disposable gloves whilst handling meats. This is a super handy tool to use around Christmas time when you really don’t want to get ill and need to rush around preparing a Christmas dinner. It’s also a massive life saver if you have longer nails that you’ve just had freshened up - so pop on a pair of gloves.



If you’ve fallen to becoming ill from another person, keep as clean as possible, keep your hot drinks supply completely refreshed and always have lemon on standby. The odd orange is super helpful for your vitamin C intake. Start to invest in lots of fruit and vegetables so your body can replenish it’s nutrients, and make sure to drink your recommended daily allowance of water to flush out your body.

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Finally try not to go in the rain and wear plenty of multiple thin layers!

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