5 Ways To Freshly Rennovate Your Home

How to change up your home in 2018

Over the years, you can sometimes become bored with the current state of your home. So you've bought the house of your dreams, and wanna jazz it up with your own touch to finally put your own stamp on it? Decoration is one option to go down, but alternatively you could look into creating a house with your own layout and creative touch to it. Today I'll be walking you through the possibilities of house renovation whereby you can create bigger, better spaces to call your home.

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The house that you've bought could have rooms that you don't deem to be necessary. You might like the idea of having an open plan kitchen & dining room so knocking through a few walls shouldn't be an issue - always contact a builder to get their best opinion on what can be done, as you don't want to knock through any walls that are required to hold up the structure of the house. Renovating is easier than ever if you find a well established company like LGSE who specialise in high quality garage equipment so that the removal and renovation is as smooth as possible.

Tear It All Out

Go For An Extension

An extension is another fantastic way to add extra space to a house and create a part of the house that you have 100% of the say on. If you've been fortunate enough to get extra space surrounding the house then it'd be silly not to utilise that space for a brand new kitchen, conservatory, extra toilet or that creative room that you've always wanted. Budget for your extension, and do your research into how long it could take, the labour costs, and if there's any jobs that need to be taken care of before you can start building extra walls and roof. A great company to get a roof for your conservatory is Projects 4 Roofing, who specialise in fantastic roof designs, so you can have the dreamiest roof. Be realistic with your cash, and spend as much time as possible researching into all the tools and equipment you'd need to hire in order to start up your dream extension.

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This is time to shine when it comes to your creative skills. Have a chat with a family member or friend about all your ideas, the crazy, unthinkable and everything in-between, get it all out in the open. Some of my favourite ideas personally for renovating is utilise space in an interesting way, so you could create a bookcase behind your stairs or make each step another level of storage if you don't have loft space. Create hidden rooms for the dreamy secret snug or kids playroom. Put hammocks across extra tall ceilings or build a balcony and various viewing points across the house so you can have a space to always admire it. I find Pinterest is a really good tool for finding amazing ideas. 

Get Creative

Think For The Future

So your home is currently your sanctuary, a place you'll come back to after a long day so you'll want to make your space as comfortable as possible. Your mind will change throughout the years as you want to redecorate when you find the ideal wallpaper that you can finally afford or make more room for extra little ones running around. Plan before you jump to your renovating conclusion if that space can be changed up in the future to accommodate your future plans. This could be in the little touches like making sure you create a layout that could aid a child, and they have their own space to get extra messy with chalkboard walls and easy wipe floors. Cast your mind into the future and think how your renovation could benefit today, tomorrow, next year and in decades to come. 

House renovating can be so fun, as you're building upon a structure that already exists, so you can create new and refreshment within an old space. One tip that will carry many interior designers through to wonderfully positive spaces is the careful placement of windows. If your property is terraced or in a very shaded spot, you can expand upon letting more light into a house with positioned windows and mirrors. Chat to your builder (or heavily research if you wish to do it yourself) and work out what could be the best solution on maximising your light, space and layout.

Maximise Your Space