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Shopping Summer Favourites On A Budget

Fashion is seasonal, style is eternal

So I'm a sucker for a bargain, I truly believe you don't have to spend half your wages on pieces that you'll only wear a handful of times. Over the years you eventually learn what you love and what you wouldn't touch with a 50 foot barge pole, so todays post we're chatting about shopping on a budget, and finding those key pieces that you can bring back into your wardrobe time and time again. As the saying goes, fashion is seasonal, and style is eternal.

Hunt For Your Basics

Basics are the most budget friendly part of any wardrobe, this could include a simple budget t-shirt like a classic plain white tee, maybe even a twist with a cheeky slogan on it. Or perhaps a jumper that you can effortlessly sling around your waist. Basics are fantastic for layering up and creating new and interesting ways to showcase a fresh outfit. You'll often find me returning time and time again to basic pieces like my pink trousers or trusty festival boots because there is infinite ways of styling up a basic over the years. I'm currently loving statement black and white tops right now, like this Whatever Forever Top which could be styled over a midi skirt, statement jeans or under some dungarees. Alternatively another black and white trend that hasn't just survived the lifespan of this season, but frankly most of eternity is stripes - a simple stripe can take you to many style places. This striped cami top could be reworked from the office to date night with a simple add of heels and a clutch, instant refresh.

Frankly who gives a damn if it's in or out of season, fashion is for you and if you like something and it just so happens to be discounted down to a couple of pounds - then all the better, right? Sale shopping can be very liberating, I recently picked up one of my all time favourite jackets for a fraction of the original price on a whim. Everyone is individual, and you are always guaranteed to find a super cool bargain in the sale. Another solution  is to find really unique websites like LessThan10Pounds who specialise in finding fashion for incredibly cheap, the site is always up to date with new items that can sale you through a new wardrobe.

Shop In The Sales

Try Out A New Design

Be daring, be bold and take the leap of faith by trying out a new design. Ex-branded clothing can become extremely useful, not just for this season whilst the weather is marvellous but for the future months, that bring you back around into summer fashion for next year. Be that confident person that dares to wear clothing one year later, with a smile and confidence you can rework any outfit time and time again.