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How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

5 Proven Methods That Get Rid Of Under Eye Circles Quickly

Under eye bags have been a troublesome subject my whole life, whilst mine are hereditary and date back to my first baby photos, some people are lucky enough to have them due to their lifestyle habits which makes getting rid of those pesky eye circles relatively easy if persistently treated. However recently I've found a few methods that have majorly minimised my own permanent eye bags - I spent years looking through the internet searching for ways to get rid of under eye bags and as soon as I discovered my own routine that started working wonders on my bags I thought I'd share with the world to help every other man or woman looking for a quick way of making eye bags disappear. Whilst everyone is an individual, if you've ever found any treatments, please do contact me and I'd be very happy to update this post so we can all help out each other.

How to get rid of under eye bags

1. Drinking lots of water

It seems like most of life's problems can somehow be irridicated with keeping on top of a healthy lifestyle. I was always a sporadic water drinker until my late teens where I started to take my health much more seriously. Later in life at 23 this pretty much confirmed one lifestyle change that helped not only my under eye bags, but also my skin overall. Keeping hydrated will keep your skin taut, full of glow and flush out any toxins that may be affecting your skin.

Since your body is 60% water, it makes sense that keeping your body constantly drip fed with water and junk out it will create some significant difference. A beautician straight after a massage recently told me that after a facial it's very important to drink enough water, she said that the 2 litres that we should be drinking every day is crucial for your body, and whilst adding an additional third litre does wonders for your skin, as it holds onto all the benefits the skin needs to stay elastic, young and tight - this is very much so applicable to the under eye area, as that area is mostly water retention from toxins, as well as fatty deposits.

3 Litres of water may seem extremely daunting at first, but if you buy yourself a handy re-useable water bottle (save the planet with less plastic!) you can keep on top of your water intake straight from your bag. I'd recommend trying the Healthish water bottle, it has time indicators of how much you should be drinking by a certain time, and let's you know when it needs refilling  as you proceed into the afternoon and evening.

I've tried teabags, I've tried cucumber, I've tried potato slices. But in my opinion for my own personal under eye bags I've never seen such change as using a dense item straight from the freezer.

Ice cubes are fantastic, but can make your hand very wet afterwards (still a brilliant solution though!) Frankly my go-to item for a quick 5 minute fix to a tired eye area is anything solid, thick and dense that has been in the freezer for days. I've started popping water in a sandwich bag, and freezing it for days, and anytime I need to head back for a quick under eye refresh I head straight for my two large ice cubes and press the bags into the under eye area, and any other areas of swelling or puffiness. This trick is miraculous if you've had no sleep, if you're hungover, or simply need to wake up puffy eyes for an early flight or meeting as it constricts the blood vessels .

The before and after is like night and day and better than most skin creams that claim to rid under eye bags. Think about any product you've potentially used that states it's benefits to the under eye - it usually has a cooling element like a roller ball or instructions to keep it in the fridge (which you should always do with your favourite moisturiser for added benefit!) So for a quick solution, grab some ice packs and follow up with a moisturiser to add glow and hydration to the area.

2. Use a DIY cold compress

How to get rid of under eye bags

3. Prop up your pillows

Most people aren't aware that your sleeping position massively affects your skin. The recommended way of sleeping is to have your head elevated and to sleep on your back. Not only does this help irradiate under eye bags, but it's also more beneficial for your skin so it's not rubbed with any bacteria that remains on your pillow. I've always said that you should invest in silk or satin pillow cases to stop hair breakages, and it's even more of a reason as it keeps wrinkles away if you're prone to sleeping with your face on the pillow (I'm seriously guilty of this) However since introducing a third pillow from Reflex Pillow I've had a better nights sleep from comfort, which helped me battle my insomnia, in addition to having added benefits to my skincare.
Strive to get as much sleep as you can, tiredness can cause eyes to look dull, fatigued and droopy. So adding a few lifestyle changes into your routine could make a massive difference. I'd advise to avoid caffeine after midday. Finish all food a few hours before bedtime to allow your body to process it better. Try to keep your exercise workouts as far away from bed time as possible. As well as logging out your phone at least one hour before bed time.
Which also brings me to the point of always taking off your makeup before you go to bed - no excuses! Keeping your makeup on throughout sleep can lead to quicker ageing, which is the battle we all fight eventually so why not keep it at bay by getting into a routine of taking off all makeup, and finishing with a bedtime skincare routine.

If you've always suffered with puffy under eye bags, it could be much more than lack of sleep - sometimes it could be symptoms to take to a doctor (no I'm not going to be Dr Google and scare you) but under eye bags can be a result of allergies, which can irritate the eyes from becoming red or itchy. If you feel like you're affected by allergies always consult a GP, as well as keep a diary of your flare-ups, this could be due to a beauty product in your cleansing or makeup that is making the eye area irritated. I believe everyone should invest in an allergy test for overall health to rule out any complications for the present day and later in life, your Doctor will advise the best method to undertake an allergy test, and whether allergy medication is required or they can also advise you to go for Profhilo that is an injectable anti-aging treatment.

4. Get your allergies checked out

5. Switch up your diet

The tissue in the surrounding areas of the eye weaken after years, so it's crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and all good changes start from the fridge. Two main components comprise of a foolproof way of keeping your skin young and healthy; Iron & Vitamin C. 

Iron deficiency can cause under eye dark circles and go hand in hand with the optimum intake of Vitamin C. This is super good for people with anaemia or fatigue, as I found it drastically changed my daily energy levels and allowed me to have a better nights sleep. Some Iron rich foods are; red meat, pork, chicken, seafood, dark green vegetables like spinach and kale, beans, dried fruits, cereals, breads and pastas.

Having an optimum Vitamin C intake allows the body to absorb hyaluronic acid, which is crucial for retaining young and healthy skin. It also boost collagen levels for a natural glow, and minimisation of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C can be found in more foods than most think, however the most Vitamin C dense foods are the following; strawberries, acerola cherry, oranges, grapefruits, limes, kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes.