Fathers Day Gift Guide

The best of men's gifts - my recommendations!

It's almost Fathers Day, so everyone is running around in a mad frenzy over planning dinner dates and getting in the wrapping paper - but regardless of the faff, the gifts and quality time spent with your dad is the pinnacle of his day. I feel it's super important to celebrate family, to give back everything that they've given - so why not help him out in an area that could potentially keep him feeling confident and happy. Although my dad has the best skin for a 50 year old, I still want to treat him, and by buying all the gifts I know he would never treat himself to that may spur on some extra self esteem through all the stress and nappy changing he had to endure through my nappy changes as a baby.

So today's post will be highlighting my top beauty picks for Fathers Day, that could inform some skincare decisions you make for yourself or male in the family.

Fathers Day ideas 2018

My top recommendations for Fathers Day!

Fathers Day Beauty

Starting off with my favourite fragrances of 2018 for men, including the illustrious Jimmy Choo Man Blue, as well as Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir  both epitomising elegance, sophistication and and subtle musk. Blue having masculine earthy tones, with leather at the heart of the fragrance and enhanced by grey amber. Whilst Bleu Noir has fresh spicy notes that would ideal as a daytime fragrance.

So let's chat mega man drawers, why not make the whole deal of beauty simple and crystal clear? Man Stuff do an epic man drawer that includes; hair & body wash, beard wash, face moisturiser, shower gel, face wash, shampoo, shaving cream, face towel, muscle soak bath salts, a comb, beard scissors and a bar of soap. Now that is a VERY epic man drawer, all in one box - tada!


Fathers Day ideas 2018
Fathers Day ideas 2018

Want something for their man closet? There's this shoe restore kit which is pretty nifty, making it an all in one restore kit for travelling. This includes two brushes, one sponge brush, a cloth brush, two shoe polishes and cleaning fabric.

Ideally I like to get all the dudes in my family, the little things that really when they add up are incredibly thoughtful. One being a Man Stuff Manicure Set which is pretty handy (promise I won't use anymore puns!) They can simply drop this into their travel bag or keep it in the bathroom containing: two sets of nail clippers, nail scissors, a travel toothbrush, comb and mirror.

In my family I'm the go-to person for picking out bags for the dudes, my personal favourite that I've got my dad is the Zatchels Satchel in oxblood, being both a smart and comfortable bag that can fit a huge tablet in.

I highly encourage the dudes in your family to try out face masks, as soon as I got my boyfriend to try a facial, he absolutely loved it - its a simple pleasure that makes so much difference. My go-to is the Bandito Keep It Smooth Mask and Bandito Chill A Minute Or 30 Cream Mask 

For shaving (if they shave that is) I'd vouch by getting them a top razor, like the new Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense razor will do the thinking for him thanks to shock-absorb technology which auto-adjusts the amount of pressure it is putting on your face. Giving him the ultimate customised shave.

Because I'm me, and I like to give funky presents, the gift of pyjamas is always on the cards, whether it's Christmas, Fathers Day or birthdays. I've picked out a wild and wacky pair of Cyberjammies, which are uber comfy and look ace too!

Essentials for the bath/shower side cabinet is Woodys range of shampoo, conditioners, body & laundry spray and haircare range. They provide such fantastic quality products that will see the dudes in your life through the next few months of beauty.


Fathers Day ideas 2018