8 Places in London to Visit in Winter

If there’s the first thing I'll always remember about winter seasons in London, it's the finger freezing, face burning, cold winter times that feel a lot more like nights with the dark grey fog. With high-class galleries and museums, cafes and dining places, London is really a metropolis very much equipped for the wintry weather. See the wonder of London at Xmas in December. Enjoy less expensive lodging, discounted seat tickets and cafe offers in the month of January and March.

Be sure to pack little extra layers to help keep you cozy, as temperatures average between 2C as well as 10C (35F and 50F) during wintertime in London. Listed here are my favorite features to find the best places to flee winter in London!


The Winter Garden London

1. The Winter Garden

Unquestionably one of the best-hidden places in London year-round, this winter garden in the Landmark Hotel has become the most wonderful indoor-outdoor options you'll find. Despite the fact that completely surrounded, the actual space is roofed with plants and continuously lit with a large skylight which cheers the atmosphere, even in the winter season! You don’t need to stay in the hotel to check out because they host beautiful mid-day teas, providing you with ample good reasons to check out!

The Milestone Hotel London

Certainly, one of my all-time favorite resorts in London is stuffed with comfortable bedrooms such as this one and their several mid-day tea suites. With countless plants and a continuous flow of sunshine, this really is an excellent spot to pass the time indoors, out of the busyness outside the house.

2. The Milestone Hotel

Peggy Porschen

3. Peggy Porschen

Getting away winter in the UK is actually a red, light lovers’ dream such as the popular dessert store in Belgravia. Peggy Porschen is recognized for her wedding ceremony cake masterpieces, on the other hand, cake enthusiasts will be happy to pop in the shop for any cupcake, espresso, a piece of pastry or the above! The store is blanketed in blossoms and red decoration, which makes it the right escape from the frosty air outdoors.

leadenhall market

In case you’re a Harry Potter enthusiast just like me you’ll have Leadenhall Market on your radar it doesn't matter what the season! Leadenhall is actually needless to say the place to find many exterior pictures of Diagon Alley. The marketplace was constructed in 1881, giving it a remarkably "old world" feel, but still even today you'll find nice little shops in an indoor environment!

4. Leadenhall Market

Kaffeine London

5. Kaffeine

Finding great espresso in London, the UK was once a scarcity, but the good news is for people there are armloads of great coffee shops, bookstores showing up around London, most of them operated and owned by Australians! Kaffeine is a superb little destination to pass the time - comfy and cozy, stylish and with some of the finest gourmet coffee, you’ll see in all of London.

Sketch London

Probably the most attractive restaurants in London is an organization in itself, recognized to local people as Sketch. The luxurious pink indoors is simply a beginning of the Sketch experience, and in case you’re truly interested in an unforgettable experience, be sure you book a special afternoon tea right here (ahead of time!) The exciting color pop is a superb way to get away the London winter season.

6. Sketch London

Pantry at 108 London

7. Pantry at 108

Yet another excellent mid-day teas destination to get away the cold is to stop by Pantry 108. Fairly practically taken care of as a kitchen pantry, this is certainly one of my much-loved mid-day teas in London (along with a great discovery in case you - just like me - eat with your eyes!)


There is certainly no club within London referred to as Mahiki - an isle styled club with summertime alcoholic beverages and interior. In case you’re searching for a fun evening out this is probably the most visited places in the city - so make sure to arrive first! This place is good for the people who are looking for the real comfort from the outdoors. The theme which is designed for the visitors and diners is very sweet and calm to eyes like it will surely get rid of all exhaustion you had while getting there on time.


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8. Mahiki