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Pretty In Pink

The power of pink

I can't help but think I'm living my best life sitting in a pink suit in my studio. If I could have told my former self that this would be the present moment I would have been doing cartwheels for days. So today I'm chatting about my latest additions to my wardrobe I got from the Metquarter in Liverpool, and how this suit gives me my morning hustle to make my days at work more productive. 

Liverpool Fashion Blogger Stephi LaReine in pink suit from Metquarter
stephi lareine uk  food and lifestyle blogger

Invest in yourself

So you might have a job where you're required to wear a suit, and don't have the advantage of being able to dress as comfortable and casual as you like. This is time where you switch your thoughts into finding something that really gives you that get up and go in the morning. I take pride in wearing very vibrant colours as it makes me feel happy, and like to think it could make others happy too. A pop of colour adds interest, it differs in a city full of people wearing black and grey day in, and day out. So as soon as I snapped up this finely cut pink suit from House of CB London in the Metquarter and tried it on, something in me just aligned. It was a gracious moment in the changing rooms that felt just right. On one hand I felt like this ensemble was an outfit that my Barbies would have worn, very feminine and pretty. But alternatively it gave me power and drive to succeed. So you'll find me wearing this ensemble to some of my favourite meetings teamed up with my Kurt Geiger rainbow crossbody bag. Because this is my outfit of choice that pretty much sums me up as a person. Metquarter in Liverpool right now is my favourite place to go shopping, as the independent designers around like Francesca Couture, and House of CB London are goldmines for colourful fashionistas like myself.

So my advice to anyone is to dress to make you feel good, whether that's a pretty dress, a pink suit or a loose fitting clothes. Only you can call the shots on your style. Invest in items that you'll wear for life, and can re-work into any occasion!

stephi lareine uk  food and lifestyle blogger

I dare everyone to try something vibrant once in their life, even if it just once. You might not be a colourful person, but I can assure you that no-one in a bright pink suit can have a bad day. I noticed that people paid more attention to me, I was complimented more on the street, which notably gave me that spring in my step that took my day to the next level. I simply put this down to being confident and happy in my dress sense. It made me feel even taller, and proud of what I wore. I feel that wearing something that is so very you, makes you an all around better person; you're more tolerable, kind and nurturing. Dressing colourful gives you a hustle and purpose and it's like walking on sunshine. So I wholeheartedly urge anyone to try it sometime, variety is the spice of life after all.

Embrace the brights

stephi lareine uk  food and lifestyle blogger


I adore pink, it's so feminine, delicate, sweet, nice, playful and charming. Although it can be empowering, romantic and successful. However you like to style up your pink, it'll always have a wonderful connotation to every skin complexion. Pink is just so fun and exciting as a colour that it's impossible to not love. I recently changed up my hair (again!) to a bright vibrant pink and it's channeled my inner Zandra Rhodes, the side in me that doesn't care for the negativity of others. So I've learnt being a rebel, is exhilarating for the soul. The one matra I've learnt throughout 2018 is that love is all you need, so love the style of others, and they'll love and respect yours because you're happy and confident.