Secrets of Buying Affordable Jewellery That Looks Expensive

It’s weird that we look for discounts and deals for everything we buy, but somehow take pride in buying expensive jewellery. We often lose focus on why we buy and wear jewellery in the first place. Jewellery pieces are fashion accessories that are meant to compliment your look. In other words, it doesn’t really matter how much you pay for a piece if it fails to make you look beautiful.

Not giving in to societal expectations, a lot of modern women today are buying jewellery items made from alternative metals, such as yellow gold, titanium, and even stainless steel. Honestly, there is no harm in buying something expensive. However, if you are breaking the bank just to show off then it’s time to change the habit. You also need to remember that most people appreciate a well-crafted jewellery that is paired well with your dresses and outfits. To get you started on the trend of paying less for great-looking jewellery, here’re a few secrets tips.

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Keep It Simple

More often than not, large necklaces and statement jewellery made from cheap materials look like cheap knockoffs. Simple layered necklaces or pendants with semi-precious stones often look like any other expensive jewellery on the market. Remember, subtle and understated are classic signs of luxury.
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One of the best ways to score a deal without compromising on the look and feel is by picking affordable natural metals. Barring the expensive platinum and gold, there are other natural metals that have the same luxurious sheen. For example, titanium has the same silvery appearance as platinum. Its lower cost is only due to the fact that it’s abundantly available. Titanium is also much more durable than platinum, which means jewellery made from the metal can last generations. If you want the beautiful golden sheen without paying a premium price, choose gold alloys. Made from a combination of pure gold, copper, and zinc, yellow gold has a faded golden shade. The subtle golden sheen looks less gaudy than actual gold, which adds a degree of elegance. Other metal options such as sterling silver, rose gold, cobalt, palladium, and tungsten are also affordable metal choices that look every bit as expensive as platinum and gold.

Know Your Metal

Buy Them Online

With easy returns and free shipping, buying jewellery online can save you loads of money. You not only save money on transport but you are also shielded from impulsive buying. People who visit jewellery stores are susceptible to sales pitches and they are more prone to exceed their budgets. When you shop online you also get more to choose from. For example, if you are looking for a 9ct gold bracelet online you would find more options by visiting jewellery websites than you would by going store to store.

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Choosing affordable metal options and semiprecious stones are perfectly fine, but you should never compromise on craftsmanship. Ensure the jewellery you are about to buy has the same level of detailing as an expensive item. The only way to do that is by purchasing them from reputed online stores and well-known jewellery makers.    

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Don’t Compromise on Design and Finish