Art Deco Jewellery Designs

Art Deco exploded onto the scene just prior to WWI, and it heralded a time of glitzy glamour, and with a combination of skill and imagination, Art Deco influenced European cultures immensely. This era is a very popular choice for those who are buying a diamond engagement ring, and for good reason, as this style produced some stunning designs, and if you would like to know more about Art Deco Jewellery, here is a brief overview.

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The 1920's

This was a time for a change, as WWI ended, and while diamonds still had that traditional hold, there were great developments in diamond shaping and cutting. For the first time, diamonds were combined with coloured stones to form attractive clusters, which are evident in Art Deco rings. If you would like to view some fine examples, check out impressive Art Deco diamond rings showcased at Kalmar Antiques, Australia’s leading diamond ring specialist who can also create the perfect ring, should you prefer to have one made.
For rings, platinum became widely used, and this metal proved to have the ideal properties for a ring, and although yellow and rose gold were still used in ring fabrication, platinum began to make its mark during the Art Deco era. Eventually, yellow gold gave way to white gold and platinum which can be clearly seen when looking at prime examples of popular engagement rings of that period. Luxury is prominent in all Art Deco design, and diamond rings were no exception, with floral cluster designs and more intricate lace patterns that would surround a central, round or oval stone, which became the Art Deco ring style we know so well today. Whether you choose platinum or gold, you should try to discover your partner’s feelings about this, without giving the game away, of course.

Platinum and Gold


Superior Stone Setting Techniques

It may have been coincidental that the advancements in stone setting technology came along during the 1920s, but this certainly allowed jewellery designers to experiment at lot more, and they did come up with some cool ring designs that are still sought after today. Art Deco signalled the beginning of creativity and experimentation, which is probably the reason why this era has stood the test of time. Tools underwent radical redesign and with the arrival of engineering machinery, the jeweller was more empowered than ever.

If you purchase an Art Deco diamond engagement ring, it will certainly be a wise investment, as Art Deco jewellery has a history of increasing in value, and by dealing with a reputable online jeweller, you can be sure of the ring’s authenticity. If you see the ring purchase as an investment (as well as a symbol of your undying love), there is an informative guide to buying a diamond ring as an investment which has some interesting viewpoints.

The Art Deco period certainly influenced global fashion, and for many modern women, a diamond ring from this exciting era is a dream come true. If you would like to browse some fine examples, an online search is the best place to start and with some careful browsing, you should find something that is perfect for your future life partner.

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