5 Benefits of a Caravan Holiday This Year

For anyone who has never been on a caravan holiday the thought of it may instantly put you off. “Spending a week in what is basically a glorified trailer? No thanks!” Don’t be so dismissive, there are many great times that can be had by going on a camper or off road hybrid caravans holiday this year, whether you’re looking to go away as a family for a week or seeking a long and fun weekend with friends. Here are five reasons why you should consider it.

Stephi LaReine Hippy Retro Campervan

1. Affordable Prices

Compared to paying nightly to stay in a hotel or renting out a lodge in the countryside, caravanning is incredibly cheap. Yes, buying one outright will be expensive but if you split out the costs by using it for many weekends it should work out more affordable. Or you could invest in a cheap old van and convert it through Kiravans. Alternatively, test out if caravanning is for you by renting one first (still cheaper than a hotel) and then decide whether it’s worth buying one or not.
Heading out to a resort is great but you’re normally confined to what’s in the local area or sitting on a sweaty bus to travel further afield. With a caravan you can tow it almost anywhere or even leave it at the park while you drive off to explore somewhere else. There’s so much flexibility that you can create a holiday where you stop off at a different place each night. Tailor your trip to exactly what you want to do and where you want to go.

2. Flexible Vacation

3. Fresh Air & Exercise

It’s a common cliché that camping and caravanning gets you closer to nature, but it’s true! You won’t be sleeping under the stars (and will have the comforts of a working bathroom, running water, electricity and some heating) yet every morning you’ll want to get out and explore. This offers a great opportunity to go hiking in the hills or relax by the sea or a nearby lake at the height of summer. With only the basics in your caravan you won’t want to be stuck inside it for too long.

Stephi LaReine Hippy Retro Campervan

Sharing a campsite or caravan park with others can be a great way to make new friends. Doing laundry, washing up and using the local facilities presents opportunities to bump into likeminded caravanning folk. Chances are most will be in a good mood and happy to chat, possibly offering tips of what to do in the local area. If that’s not your idea of fun, pick a smaller, more secluded spot to stay instead.

4. The Social Side

5. Activities

Many caravan parks have facilities such as a swimming pool, bar and kids activity centres. These can provide a good option in an evening or on a rainy day, while you can always go somewhere that’s a hotspot for the activities you enjoy nearby, be it walking, kayaking on a lake, mountain biking or anything else.

You can tailor a caravan holiday to meet all your needs, with its levels of fun reflecting those of the effort you put in to planning the trip. So why not give it a go this year?