How To Pull Off A Formal Look On A Budget

It always feels like the big night is right around the corner, doesn’t it? But, it’s the perfect chance to get dressed up. In fact, any formal event is a good excuse to get dressed up and celebrate. Yet, a formal event can get expensive quickly. The trick is to set a budget for your look and try to save as far in advance as you can for these events, rather than maxing out the credit card. Whether it’s finding affordable and elegant clothing or saving up to get your hair and makeup done professionally, here are a few ways to look great for your next formal event without spending an absolute fortune.

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Shop Smart

Finding an elegant yet cheap formal dress may seem pretty daunting, but there are a few ways you can significantly cut costs, or save, at least. The first step is to consider revisiting your current collection of formal wear, if you have any. Another option is to swap or borrow dresses with a friend for your event.

Yet, another way to look good on a budget is to look on the internet. A quick search will yield pages where other people are selling pre-loved gowns for amazing deals. You can also shop for stylish yet affordable prom dresses by top designers at your favourite dress store.

You might also want to consider renting an outfit. Some outlets allow you to rent high-end designer gowns for a mere fraction of the price.
If it’s a new dress you’re looking for, though, scour the sales racks for end-of-range and last season’s clearance bargains. Finding a gorgeous gown doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Beautiful dresses can easily be found at all price points. Just remember to create a budget and stick to it.

Any formal event is the perfect chance to get out your costume jewellery, precious gems and strappy heels. You don’t have to buy new, either. Often, the accessories you already have will pair perfectly well in a new or pre-loved dress and can create an entirely new look.

If your outfit is just crying out for something new, though, buy accessories that you will reuse for future formal events to get more mileage out of them. It’s easy enough to purchase a pair of trendy shoes or a bag and other accessories for greet prices.

What About Accessories On A Budget?

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Hair and Makeup on a Budget

When it comes to the beauty side of formal events, don’t stress. There are plenty of DIY ideas online. If you have a talented friend, ask them to do your hair, makeup and nails for you. Or, make an appointment with your local stylist school where students may provide the services either for free or a minimal cost.

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A Few More Tips...

Look for dresses at end of season sales

Do a dress swap

Buy vintage shoes

Ask friends and family for hand-me-downs and have it embellished and changed to reflect your personality

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Keep these tips in mind the next time you have a formal event to go to, and you’re sure to find the perfect outfit without spending a ton of cash.