Winter Holiday Packing Tips & Tricks For Sun & Snow

The Comprehensive Guide To Packing For Your Winter Holiday

I've always thought of myself as a winter sun kind of person, as soon as the breeze kicks in, I'm so ready to run away from the UK for a while, and nip back just in time for Christmas. But lately I've started to embrace the chillier weather, and making the most of what the UK offers whilst I'm saving up for new chapters in my life, holding off on winter breaks before Christmas -  I wish my diary allowed for it too! However, practically everyone I know is eloping off into the sunset, or the slopes and whilst winter sun holidays have been the IT trend of the year for travelling I wanted to share some crucial info when packing up for your winter escape. This post will touch upon both your ultimate packing guide for both sunny and snowy weather, so there's really something for all in this no-stone unturned reveal. 

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So whether you're on the pursuit of exotic climates or cosy cabins, it's vital to keep your health in check, and pack all the supplies that are barely touched upon. We're all so excited to pack our clothes, and fling together the none essentials, that it's time we become mindful of the all the important things, that can stop your holiday going upside down. You never truly consider getting ill on holiday, particularly if its your first time, maybe you haven't been prepped that you shouldn't drink the foreign tap water incase you get a bad tummy. So here's me telling you all the advice for the holiday health kit you need wherever you may be flying to. 

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Sunny Holiday Preparation

I learnt a super important lesson whilst on my last family holiday to Majorca, is that ensuring the place you decide to live in must be ridiculously clean. Our holiday was practically ruined from everyone getting seriously ill, which ended up all of us living in hospital for most of our holiday, my little sister got bronchitis. All from a holiday letting that was filthy, which was never ever shown in the photos and a matter that cannot be brought to justice, even with travel insurance as it wasn't a resort based holiday - crazy right? So my top tip before the packing process is to always read the reviews online, people generally take to social media more often to complain, than they do compliment, so if you can spot common consistencies of negative reviews in a short space of time then draw a line through that accommodation on your check list and keep on hunting down the place. It's better to pay out more on a clean, safe and secure apartment or hotel room than contract a nasty virus, and pay out for doctors when you want to let loose. The last thing you want to do is have to track receipts, and spend all your time inside looking at everyone else having fun.

This goes hand in hand with the previous point, which is to never skimp on travel insurance. Yes it's a couple of quid that will probably never go to use, most people think to use that money for enjoyment. And as the previous reigning queen of procrastination I thought I'd never ever need travel insurance, but it's always worth it as I discovered on that holiday. Those couple of quid can get you out of hot water when a spot of bother strolls by. However if you do get yourself in a tangle whilst you're away, and become sick in any way it's always best to find a holiday sickness lawyer like yourlegalfriend.com who are a reputable firm with over 30 years experience, committed to providing the best possible legal advice whilst being stress free - crucial part into locating a holiday sickness lawyer! Having backup is so very important the it comes to your holiday, they're there to help you get back everything you need which can include not only money from hospitals and doctors, but your loss of enjoyment. Always book through a reputable company thats ATOL protected.

So to start off your packing guide, always pack a first aid kit; plasters for hot rubbing shoes, and keeping the sand off your sore feet whilst on the beach. Insect repellent, SPF, your favourite sunglasses and sunhat (most people don't know the highest contribution to holiday dizziness is from the sun hitting your head!) As well as your usual prescription medication, with supporting GP note (better safe than sorry!), paracetamol,painkillers and eyedrops for the morning after too many sangrias.

Snow Holiday Preparation

Looking good and staying warm in my opinion is the challenge I previously faced whilst on holiday. I'd want to look back on my memories without feeling like they were compromised with terrible fashion. So I started to indulge in better quality garments whilst on a chillier holiday that kept me warm, content and feeling extra confident. If you can officially tick off clothes from your list that fulfil the criteria of feeling good and looking good, then well done you!

The chilly weather always calls for thermal leggings, dude or lady it doesn't matter as if you can slip on a slinky pair underneath your skinny jeans, or effortlessly blend them with a skirt then you'll be sorted. However not all of us are about the thermal legging life - I never was for years. Maybe you're heading out to dinner and would love to look sophisticated, sexy whilst not trying to appear like Michelin man? Then wooly tights are an option to consider, with an oversized faux fur jacket and Russian cossack hat, if you don't follow my trail of thought then opt for whatever suits your personal style as long as it keeps you toasty whilst feeling slinky. I love to style jumper dresses throughout the chillier months and thoroughly intend to implement them into my winter wardrobe abroad, as you can sneak jeans underneath or a fitted skirt, think crafty when packing and do try everything on and take photos before you zoom off onto your plane. I discovered the key to keeping warm was to put on as many small layers as possible instead of two thicker layers. Heat is trapped between thin layers that keep you warmer.

Boots should be your go-to whilst in a cold climate, hiking boots, lace up combat boots for casual, heeled boots for evening. Channel every style of boot you can to keep your ankles warm with the idea of comfort in mind.

Your health kit should compromise of the basics listed above on a sunny holiday, with a few amendments - all dependent on what type of snow holiday you opt for but the crucial central point is keeping your immune system alive and kicking. Once again, keep multivitamins at hand and be sure to eat food that is hearty, hot and full of goodness to fight the cold. Garlic is a favourite of mine that has been on front line of attack at the chance of every chilly day I ever experience. Perfume can mask the smell, and if everyone is eating it then how is it a problem?

People often forget that the winter sun can still burn you, so no matter where you're shooting off to take your SPF!
Lastly, you can never ever go wrong with a hot water bottle, it's great for lady pains as an emergency and if all of the tips above haven't served you well, then do opt for a hot water bottle on your torso to keep your core body temperature up!


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Top Tips For Avoiding Being Ill On Holiday. 

Firstly take your vitamins, if you hate the taste of them, grin and bear it as they only last a few seconds and you'll thank yourself for your good health.  Secondly, if you're in an all inclusive holiday, be very cautious with the food buffets as they contribute to a vast quantity of food poisoning related illnesses whilst abroad. Although the buffet tapas of cold cut meats, salads and seafoods may be tempting you should always order your food fresh from a kitchen, that has a high hygiene rating.  The same mentality applies to drinking, fresh glasses only and wipe them down before you use them. Cross contamination is easily catchable, and this quick tip could save you from getting a dodgy tummy.