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How To Prepare Properly For Your First Ever Travel Experience

The Ultimate Guide To Travelling

There’s a lot to think about before you travel for the first time. You’re excited, nervous, and need to make sure you’ve got everything sorted before you jet off. Nearly time to go? Read this post first.

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Save more money than you think you need

Create a budget, then add more to it — this is your emergency buffer. You may end up with unexpected transport costs, or, more excitingly, you may end up going on an excursion you hadn’t factored into your travel plans. Having extra funds will give you the freedom to be more spontaneous if the opportunity strikes.

Book your travel insurance

Medical expenses abroad can be extortionate, so travel insurance is a must. Check your policy covers any activities you plan to do (especially if they’re more adventurous, like bungee jumping) before you buy, and print out the documents to take with you. Store the number you need to call in case of emergencies in your phone.  

Make sure you have all your travel documents

Some countries require you to have at least six months on your passport after your date of departure, so ensure you have enough time before you book anything. Apply for any visas you need well in advance, and print out your flight information (and triple-check it!) as soon as you can. Having everything you need will take the stress out of getting to and from your destination.  

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Get your vaccinations done

The last thing you want is to get ill while on your trip, so schedule your vaccinations as soon as you can. (Not sure what you need to get? Find out here.) Vaccinations will protect you from diseases your body has never come into contact with before and therefore has no natural immunity against, and could potentially save your life. Book an appointment with your local travel clinic for the best advice.

Find an up-to-date guidebook…

It’ll give you an idea of the best things to see and do in your chosen destination(s), and help you plan your time and budget more effectively.

… but don’t always stick to it

Once you’re out there, ask locals for their suggestions about where to go and what to eat. You may well discover a hidden gem, away from the usual tourist trail.

Research local customs

If you’re going to place that’s very different from your hometown, this means you won’t get quite as much of a culture shock. It’s also respectful to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. You’ll feel like less of an outsider if you keep an open mind (and the locals will appreciate your manners).

Pack less than you think you need

The lighter your bag, the easier it will be to carry. Research the kind of climate(s) you’ll be dealing with and pack accordingly — think light, breathable fabrics like cotton for warmer weather and long, weatherproof trousers and tops for colder temperatures. Try and avoid bulky items if you can (do you really need that puffy vest?)

Don’t doubt yourself

It’s natural to be nervous before you go travelling for the first time, but plenty of people have been in the same boat and done it, so you can, too. There’s always help somewhere, and you’ll be surprised by how well you cope in unfamiliar situations. Travelling is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have, so get out there and see the world.

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