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Where To Find Fashion Inspiration

Has inspiration slipped from you for outfits? Here's my tips for motivating your fashion game...

So you might be having a total fashion block, or you're hunting down the ultimate place to find your fashion inspiration. Not to fear whatsoever I've got everything you need to find your style fix, and keep you inspired throughout the seasons. Now it's incredibly important to note that your personal style should evolve through your own personal choices, trends are quite irrelevant. Whilst I'll always keep you updated on what's hitting the high street and my personal favourite choices of trends, I'll encourage you to develop a deep understanding of what you like and dislike. Personality plays a big part in your personal style, as an example I very rarely ever wear court heels, and prefer pointed boots with a similar heel due to comfort and they represent an intergral part of who I am, and how I like to look. So always seek for inspiration that suits your own style. My style has slowly evolved and radically changed throughout the years, yet I'll always look to my first love of fashion throughout my teenage years, and still wear pieces that I would have loved to have worn when I was 16 years old. I started to discover ways in which I like to inform my style, which I'll be outlining throughout this post. These methods keep my style fix topped up, whilst encouraging me to be more experimental and diversify myself. Through this I discovered many new designers and stores that correlated with my vision of fashion. So for the times where you're stuck for ideas, there's these ideas to find fashion inspiration...

Liverpool Fashion Bloggers: Stephi LaReine

1. Fashion Bloggers

We're a pretty diverse bunch, you'll find the minimalists to the extreme styles. Searching for your favourite styles is more than likely to find you with similar online personalities. We're so incredibly passionate about the garments we put on our back, and will always link up all of our products so we can share the love. I always recommend searching through social media, and following online sources so you can get your  daily update and recommendations whilst you're on your morning and evening commute. Naturally we want the world to be filled with unique characters, so we're always more than happy to help out with questions or queries. I get a few messages a day from readers who want me to help them find pieces or explore new designers. With our expert knowledge we should be the direct point of call for anything with a super speedy response time for updates, and questions. A great way of finding inspiration amongst fashion bloggers and harnessing it is through LikeToKnow.It, whenever you like an outfit that has been tagged with LikeToKnowIt you'll get an notification with all of those pieces, ready to shop.  Always interact with your favourite fashion bloggers too to let them know you've helped them out in some way. One of my favourite messages I ever received was from a lady who told me she found the perfect bohemian dress for her honeymoon that made her feel beautiful. I felt uber fuzzy and wonderful knowing I could serve some inspiration from my personal style. 

It's incredible how much inspiration you can find from picking up a copy of Vogue. I have a subscription service, so I get them earlier than the shops and can flick through the pages, where I usually bookmark or circle my favourite styles. If you're seeking creative inspiration opt for fashion magazines that target a higher price bracket, as they'll usually include designer inspiration straight from the catwalks. I do this so I can find the source of trend mentality, and how the designers created the collections I love. Also if I can find pieces that are similar within my price range that match that trend. Marie Clare, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair are some of my favourite choices I reach for when I have a moment of free time to open my mind. 

2. Fashion Magazines

Liverpool Fashion Bloggers: Stephi LaReine

3. Pinterest

In my opinion it's the holy grail to style solutions. It's the one stop shop where you can lose a few hours or days between the images. Pinterest can be the online hub and organiser to your life, where one moment you'll be 500 images deep in statement jackets, then divert onto a tangent of planning your future dream home. Unlike fashion magazines you can save all your wants and needs into Pinterest boards for you to come back to. Which dawns the day of making paper collages like me on a monthly basis, lets save the trees and use Pinterest boards instead of scrapbooks for inspiration.  I've planned my entire life on Pinterest, so do check out my Fashion Inspiration board if you like any of my outfits, they've usually had some influential element that was taken from Pinterest. So say goodbye to the long days of organising your desktop full of folders.

I really love an online browse. I spend a large majority of my time scrolling around the likes of ASOS, Lyst and Nasty Gal (all of my favourites) for inspiration, as I often shout from the rooftops how much I love the way they style clothes, I envision a large majority of their outfit compilations on myself as it encourages unthinkable combinations. Lyst do a selection of edits to inspire, and it's also an epic spot to find inspiration from designer to high street (which also provide you with some of the best prices available.)
It's very rare to find me in a simple jeans and t-shirt because that's frankly not my style. To some it is, for me it isn't - on myself. So I find it relatively easy to find my favourite sites and new edits online to inspire my own wardrobe and keep me away from standard jeans and t-shirts. Always follow your favourite brands on social media, and utilise the save button for later browsing. Otherwise if you have a favourite retailer, make an account and keep all your favourites in a wish list. Check out their new in sections, and with most brands, they'll have specialised lookbooks that include their personal favourites, or hottest pieces of the season. 

4. Online Shops

Liverpool Fashion Bloggers: Stephi LaReine
Liverpool Fashion Bloggers: Stephi LaReine

Finding The Best Places For Fashion Inspiration

5. Movies

Movies can give you a new lease of life when creating a new wardrobe. If you live for the 70s watch Almost Famous, it'll no doubt urge you to buy a sheepskin coat and sport a pair of platforms. Films are especially made to convey a certain mood or era which depicts a personality for the characters. Think about what character you would be in a movie and how you would dress that person. Some of my personal favourites are Waynes World, Velvet Goldmine, 24 Hour Party People, Yellow Submarine - notice a reoccurring pattern of genre? Which brings me to my next point. 


Music plays a huge part in fashion movements, and personal development of personality. Although I often say labels aren't intended for people, but only jars - you can't help but sometimes fall into the cliche trap of certain style. You'll no doubt pop your headphones on and saunter off into a daydream where your mind will create visions of people, or perhaps yourself and what they'd wear also. I try to channel music into my style decisions, and become incredibly influenced depending on whats on my playlist. With a spare moment throughout the day, whisk yourself off into a luxurious day dream or watch music videos to inspire fashion choices. So celebrate the relationship between fashion and music, as they both share extremely similar mediums; they're individual, personal to the user and finally create confidence through self belief. I often find myself flittering between style thoughts after listening to George Harrison after he took his trip to India to see Ravvi Shankar, my entire becomes comfortable with loose trousers and espadrilles as my mind relaxes into a state of zen, which opposes the days where I like to wear the tightest skinny jeans, pointed boots with a two piece suit. Style defines the day in the same way music influences your mood. 

6. Music

Liverpool Fashion Bloggers: Stephi LaReine

7. Your Wardrobe

This might seem obvious, but do you ever have days where you literally have nothing to wear, and find yourself in a spiral of the unknowing whilst you fret? Secretly the clothes you desire are in your wardrobe all along, it's just you're blinded by the thought of having something new - which of course you're more than entitled to have, like any other person. But if there's so much in your wardrobe, sometimes it can be impossible to see what you actually have. You might have bought yourself a fantastic top, and endlessly paired it with the same outfit time and time again. But never thought of opening up your wardrobe and getting out every skirt, pair of trousers and dress you own. Spend some time with the item you really want to be seen in and try every possibility, even the ones you won't think will go - because variety is the spice of life and may leave you with a blessing in disguise. Clothes are meant to be utilised in any way you see them fit, so expand your mind to what you'd potentially wear it with, and the rest will follow. 

This somewhat ties in with online shopping, but shopping in person can create a whole new dimension of thought towards your choices in fashion pieces. The layout of shops are designed to guide you around in a particular manner, with the hot picks of the shop usually front of the shop, if not on display through mannequins and display units. The reality shows that we tend to prefer clothes when we can see the quality, colour and cut in person. So do nip to the changing room with too many clothes rather than too few, try them on so you can see what you like and if you think they suit your personal style. 

8. Explore Shops

Liverpool Fashion Bloggers: Stephi LaReine

9. Art

Alike movies and music, art is the creative form in which a large majority of designers base their designs on. You could simply stroll around an art gallery, do online hunting for paintings, photography and sculpture. Form and certain shapes are more attractive for the human eye, as we find them pleasant and harmonious to look at. It's also a great way of keeping cultured and learning about things you never considered pondering. I went to an exhibition about space, and walked out with intentions of buying a pair of platform space boots that reminded me of tin foil, it came from photographs and sculptures I'd seen in the exhibition, as I thought "wouldn't it be cool to be space girl?"

I love nothing more than seeing what people wear whilst they're about town, to me it paints a picture of what they might be potentially doing. I'm fond of giving out compliments, as if you've paid good money to feel great then you need someone to tell you also. Be that person who asks someone in the street where they got their beautiful handbag from, and no doubt they'd be more than likely to tell you, whilst also walking away on cloud nine knowing someone likes what they wear. Street style is incredibly individual. Throughout university it was the one question I wanted answering when I did interviews, I loved the idea of Humans Of New York and how every person can be so different. It's great for provoking thought that takes the fashion forecast and trends out of the equation as it boils down to that persons depiction of themselves.

10. The Streets

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