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Veeno Wine Tasting, Castle Street

An Italian Haven For Wine

Let's talk wine tasting, and why investing in a good bottle is a trillion times better than your average bottle of plonk on a friday night. Veeno Liverpool opened my mind and tastebuds to a revolutionary experience of trying their Sicillian wine in their Castle Street Liverpool bar. A perfect setting for a date night I grabbed my fluffy red jacket and hit Castle Street up in a blink of an eye with Paddy for a romantic, tantalising Italian food and drink experience (greeted by Michael, which we'll discuss him later!) 

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Wine Tasting In Liverpool

If you've never been on a wine tasting, I really recommend doing so, immediately. This was my first tasting, I'd spent nights in Albert Dock doing rum, whisky, vodka and gin tastings but never wine - which I'll never really come to terms with as it rivals my love for a well made gin. So don't expect what typical wine tastings are which usually involves a bucket to spit into, you actually drink the wine, which we very much so relish in! Our experience was the Selezione wine tasting which is offered at an extremely fair and affordable price for what makes a luxurious night out in a cosy wine bar.

This adventure offered  two whites, a rosé and two reds. On top of this, we tasted some of the most exclusive and authentic spuntini on a delicious sharing platter which complement each of the wines. I came to terms as soon as I walked in this is somewhere I'd like to be all the time, the atmosphere is unlike any other with a level of sophistication without pure formality.


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Veeno Liverpool Review
Veeno Wine Tasting Liverpool with Stephi LaReine

What's So Unique About This Wine Bar? 

Not only is Veeno located on the more glamorous side of Liverpool, especially in the early darker nights it's home to some of the grand bars and restaurants around. But it's a small haven thats an ideal hotspot for after work drinks where quality really matters. Michael our host with the most for the night was one of our highlights, buzzing with positivity, humour and radiating happiness throughout the bar. Michael is the kind of person we all need after a long day of getting our hustle on. He chatted us through all the complimentary dishes that accompany the wine to get the ultimate tasting experience. He also taught me a thing or two about developing taste buds for the finer grapes. 

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A Wine Lovers Best Choice For A Dessert

We had no choice in the matter, Michael simply said it's tiramisu (there are other choices) but for our final stop on our tour it was an absolute must-have. I usually find it hard to find a tiramisu that can rival my dads home made version from his patisserie chefing days but this was gorgeous, authentic Italian and wildly complimentary on the palette after a plate of meats, cheeses and bread. I won't delve into what wine accompanied it, as it's a try for yourself experience. 

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