Last Minute Halloween Ideas

The Guide To Speedy Halloween Makeup

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, where you get to truly experiment with who you want to be for the weekend. Over the years I've started to plan out my outfits properly, but this is only a recent co-ordination with all my costumes being last minute. Every single shop had queues spilling onto the roads with likeminded people who get their last products, accessories and outfits sorted all last minute. So here's a few quick ideas for a few outfits I've done over the years, whilst sharing my go-to Halloween products to create jaw-dropping makeup. 

Stephi LaReine Halloween Mosaic Candy Skull Skeleton Makeup

Mosaic Candy Skull

Instagram has served me well in coming up with looks, as there is an infinite amount of inspiration online with creative makeup artists in both the beauty and film industry. If you like your makeup mega gory I insist you visit The Makeup Armoury's instagram the standard is simply phenomenal, I've lost myself working out how on earth such looks were created outside of CGI. They also do the best makeup, I used the Aquacolor Palette which is an all round palette for fellow artists who love to mix up their paints and create all shades imaginable. I just used a acrylic palette to mix my colours onto ensuring that I had all my shades ready to go - and a lot of clean brushes! Using this palette changed my mind on doing Halloween makeup as I'm adjusted to using party pack paint which doesn't allow for much artistic flow. The products can be cakey, thick and unmanageable whereas the Aquacolor Palette glides on smooth for a flawless finish that sticks really well to the skin. I'd highly recommend using a primer beforehand too. To finish off the look I used the Ben Nye Final Seal which is almost industrial standard of finishing spray as you can be in the rain and nothing will touch it. Halloween weather can be incredibly unpredictable so it's worth going back to time and time again. 

Stephi LaReine Halloween Mermaid Makeup Rainbow Hair

Halloween Mermaid

A few years back I dressed up as a rainbow Halloween mermaid, the makeup is incredibly simplistic. I used darker eyeshadows as a contour and a fine coloured eyeliner to do the scales around my face. I wanted this to be very bright and colourful to match my skeleton little mermaid costume so the focus is on using metallic blue eyeliners, and striking mascara. Looking back on this look I would have reached for a pair of fishnet tights and used it to stencil even more scales onto my face and on the tops of my arms. This look took me about half an hour to do, and is still one of my favourites. 

Stephi LaReine Halloween Mermaid Skeleton Makeup

Undead Skeleton Mermaid

So as a nod to my previous attempts I decided to make a half and half skeleton mermaid combination, as they're two of my favourite go-to looks. What I love about both is that they can be styled up in whatever way you fancy. So if you want a more colourful skeleton that has a Day Of The Dead feel you can add glitter, bright colours and flowers. Whereas a classic skeleton involves darker, scary and harsh makeup. I wanted to achieve this look after watching Pirates Of The Caribbean and I'd never seen anything like it online before. All products I used for this look is included in the description box on my Youtube Video of how this look was made. 

David Bowie Aladdin Sane Makeup

David Bowie

This was a pretty impulsive last decision to try this look out, and surprisingly it was my favourite I've ever done. Simple, iconic David Bowie that can be achieved in a little under an hour with true dedication to making sure those red lines are completely straight. This look was using L'Oreals Infallible Blush Palette as well as their renowned eye paint and lip paint collection which made up the lightning bolt. 

None makeup related looks

Not inclined to do elaborate makeup looks? No problem! There are tons of easy Halloween costumes that you can assemble at the last minute. With a billowy cloak or cape, you can serve many different Halloween looks, such as a classic witch or wizard, an ancient vampire, a medieval-era monk, Red Riding Hood, and a serial killer (think Scary Movie). You don’t need an elaborate outfit for a convincing Halloween costume.