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My personal opinion is that all good conversations start with a sit down drink, alcoholic or non alcoholic is your choice of course. But I discovered recently, that every individual has a story to tell, we're not carbon copies of the next person and whilst we might inherit similar traits, only us have seen what we have through our own eyes, which ultimately informs that opinion. My opinion was seriously deepened through my latest experience. Heineken have partnered up with The Human Library to spread the word about finding common ground with strangers to make everyone more open as people. Heineken for 150 years have stood for being open, honest, and putting the world to right over a beer. I learnt about the experiences of others, letting absolute strangers open up to me to talk about anything and everything, which in society we deem to be too deep, controversial and not good bar-talk. This stigmatism was put to bed, as me and my friends broadened our perspective on people. 

Open Your World Heineken Experience with Stephi LaReine & marietta daly
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So you're no doubt posing the question of why Heineken, and why a classy little pub in Woolton Liverpool? I've learnt why now. I've found the key to making change starts off with the lifestyles of everyday people. You buy into someones personality the second you start talking to them, and with a world thats so blinded by being online, it's good to get back to whats important - real conversing. 

Heineken have partnered with The Human Library for the campaign #OpenYourWorld, which is a unique not-for-profit organisation which seeks to challenge stereotypes where you can talk to real people with extraordinary backgrounds, it's changing the world we live in to become more accepting, fluid and empowered by identity. I personally believe by meeting these people it's opened up my already open minded personality now that I've spoken face to face. As I often feel that society can brush over certain stereotypes with old and dated mannerisms, which doesn't make wiggle room for changes of the modern identity. Knowing they exist and speaking about their story is one of the most empowering experiences you'll ever have. Knowing that you've heard it from the source, and you've shared your opinion. It's oh-so satisfying! 

So every person or ʻbookʼ in the Library can be ʻloaned outʼ for conversations that aim to break down barriers and challenge social prejudices, Heineken are determined to create a positive outlook on having conversations that challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. The questions can be difficult, but they're also appreciated and answered. Nothing is brushed to one side in a heated conversation that tells all, with no stone unturned. Their advert went viral, and it's truly gripping - I do urge you to watch it!  

Open Your World Heineken Experience with Stephi LaReine & marietta daly

The Human Library

Our #OpenYourWorld Experience

I collated together my closest for a trip to The Elephant pub in Woolton for our experience. We grabbed ourselves a few beers and loaned out The Human Library to see who'd we like to speak to first. Throughout our evening with spoke to extraordinary humans who discussed, and debated the topics of transgenderism, sexual assault, and body modification. Each story incredibly overwhelming designed to provoke emotion, thought and conversations like we'd never encountered before. It allowed us to delve into each person from The Human Library, and have each daring question answered, as well as our thoughts on each topic to vocalise an array of ideas, opinions and philosophies. It put ourselves in the shoes of every person we sat across the table from, as we exchanged ideas and conclusions. With each goodbye, we thanked them for their time, honesty and great conversation, we opened up to such a degree it became the talking point of the evening and broadened the friendship I had with the people I brought with me.

We questioning the 'what ifs', and how we would respond in certain situations with each other. We'd probably never had those thoughts before, and felt blessed and incredibly emotional with every story to have so many brave people come forward and wish to express the importance of fighting judgement. To most what would seem like deep and intrusive conversation, became subjective and none judgemental to challenge the ideas of stereotypes over a beer. Knowing that every persons experience in life was unique, not all positive and therefore highlighting how in the modern day society should be acceptant of everyone for all their little differences, experiences and how we can come together to help another.  We all mutually agreed what an enlightening experience we had, and how this concept should be spread far and wide to remove the stigmatism of brushing over individualism, and the importance of  wellbeing of another. Heineken gave us new branches of conversation, as well as inspiration to lead a full and open life. I wish I could sum up what was an extraordinary evening, that none of us will forget - but its an experience everyone should try. Simply sit down and leave your judgement at the door and indulge in a beer with an inspirational figure. It proves that honesty, and dedicating time to everyone is upmost an important factor in running a society full of happiness and contentment. 

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The Human Library Heineken
The Human Library Heineken
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