The Key Ways Of Preventing Migraine Attacks

Tips & Tricks To Dealing With Migraines

Migraines are more common than you think, scientists are still unsure as to why they happen and who are the most seceptibly prone to getting them. I myself am I huge sufferer of migraines, the were always known for impending on my work, and throughout my childhood I took a substantial amount of time off my education due to the frequency of them. Unlike headaches they can be pretty monstrous and I'd hate for anyone to experience what I have been known to get, which is three day migraines resulting in little to no productivity. Today I'll be revealing some tips and tricks I have to deal with pesky migraines. So if you're looking for migraine relief you've come to the correct post.

I've found a combination of techniques that keeps my migraines at bay, through lifestyle changes, investing in my health and finding the ultimate calm balance to keep migraines well away. It's improved my productivity when working in front of my triggers which I usually find is fluorescent lighting, eyestrain on computers and lack of attention to my routine. I hope these tips help as much as they do mine, and do feel free to let me know anything you've found that has helped you!

Keeping an ice pack for your head is an ideal starting point to easing the pain. Scientists think that reducing the blood flow can calm the swell inside your head and reduce the thumping sensation.

Sumatriptan is a migraine relief medication that makes the blood vessels return to their normal size, the expansion is what gives you the sensation, whilst this tackles this issue with serotonin a natural substance and affecting certain nerves in the brain. Medication should always be your primary method of dealing with migraines before diving into herbal remedies, as they are especially targeted for fast relief - as we all know migraines can be elongated, so the ideal way of dealing with the symptoms swift and fully. 


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A dark quiet room is the atmosphere that migraines are best dealt with. I found from working under fluorescent lights that I was more prone to migraines, particularly teamed with loud noises. So put yourself in a calm none lit environment to help speed up your recovery.

Exercise can also be a helpful method of preventing future attacks. It's definitely not recommended when an attack is in full motion but with key releases such as endorphins  to fight the pain it will give you good quality sleep, low stress and thankfully no more headaches. Yoga is also a brilliant method of encouraging mindful decisions and being fully aware of what you body is doing. It's calm, refreshing and proven to make migraine attacks less intense.

I try to consume as much magnesium as possible, so reach for the dark green vegetables, nuts and whole grains as they'll supply you with all the goodness you'll need to prevent further migraines. If you're not keen on your dark greens it's also good to find a supplement. The other super handy food you should be popping on your plate is foods packed with Vitamin B2, it can be found in milk, cheese, fish and chicken - once again if you're not about those foods, a supplement is ideal.

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