My Fashion & Beauty Christmas Wishlist

The Top Picks For A Rainbow Fashionista

Christmas is literally only 7 weeks away, and I could not be more excited. My house is currently brimming with presents already, but with major difficulty when faced the question "Well, what do you want for Christmas" I always struggle as I see this as a time of year that's for sending presents and I completely forget about receiving them also. I'm frequently gifted all my favourite presents, products and pieces which mean that it feels like Christmas every day in my house. I work extremely hard for my gifts as they become part of my job to promote and highlight the wonderfully, fabulous products and pieces on the market today. But how do you buy a gift for the girl who gets (almost) everything? Maybe you're in a similar position to me, and want to start generating ideas to give to a loved one, or maybe you're looking for some insight to gift someone else. In todays post I'll be highlighting some of my favourite pieces, trends and hopefully it'll inspire to create a Christmas wishlist for yourself. 

Christmas Wishlist



Currently, I have been mega obsessed with the following trends; vinyl, block colouring and two piece suits. If you're trying to channel your inner 80s glam rock, then vinyl is certainly an ideal trend to have a flick through. What is wonderful is the selection of coloured vinyl lately. I bought myself a pair of vinyl trousers back in the spring as they had my name written all over them, and they've been paired in every way imaginable from meetings, delicate lace blouses to daring plunge necklines for date nights. If you're about vinyl, then check out the lookbook for bold bright primary colours, and A-Line skirts to get your vinyl fix, and if you dare to go even bolder try out embellished pieces with studs or pearls detailing.

The other two trends I wanted to highlight go relatively hand in hand in my eyes, as the Prince Of Wales print has been everywhere, and I'm just dying to see variations on the colour scheme, as soon as I see a blue or pink two piece blazer, trouser combination I'll be hunting it down. So in the meantime I've had my eyes on block coloured two piece suits. Red is by far the biggest colour of the season, it's hit the high street after seeing a flux at last seasons fashion forecast. But if you're intending to invest in a colour for next year, yellow is the go-to colour of 2017, so think sunshine yellow, mustards, sherbet and primary school yellow. I'm very exciting to team my primary colours as they've been none stop swirling around my head for months as my favourite ensemble. 

Finally I wanted to touch on two trends that have mingled their way into every A/W collection of every shop available, and that's shearling and knitwear. Naturally I go for the bright colours, and I've been thinking of teaming a block coloured shearling coat with a striped rainbow knit. Envision how positive and uplifting that outfit will potentially be. 



If you hadn't already noticed, I'm a the biggest fan of pointed heeled boots over any other style of shoe. They have me more emotionally attached than any other item of clothing, and lord knows why but I've always been avid shoe-pusher of a person, that you invest more in what goes on your feet than anything else. So some of my favourites have included studded boots, D-Ring boots, embroidered or embellished boots, as well as my favourite which is a metallic boot. I've grown fond of over the knee boots too, but only in red or white for some reason. I'm yet to find a stunning pair of black over the knee boots that have truly caught my eye this upcoming Christmas. The hunt always goes on, so the second I find my ultimate black boot I'll be all over this post shouting from the rooftops. 



Fragrances personally I like to explore the musky, romantic scents with notes of wood, coffee and chocolate. So naturally my first choice is the go-to YSL Black Opium, which they've recently been issuing new amendments of scents. Also throughout the years I've been fortunate enough to try out almost every single Marc Jacobs fragrance available with my vanity table ever expanding with artistic bottles. A fragrance I find is extremely personal, so if you're picking out for someone else really think into the previous perfumes they've tried out, and slip in the question if they'd like to try something new and daring. I've popped a few of my favourites below if you share similar tastes to me. 



I often refer to myself as the queen of fluffy handbags, because about 80% of my bag cabinet has some element of faux fur. I've branched out this year in the hunt for unusual shapes, D-rings, box bags, as well as keeping in theme with eccentric prints and vivid colour schemes. Since starting up my customised leather jacket paintings I've started to really pay attention to the subtle detail that makes an item iconic and well made. As I find structure and form equally as important as design. So I've picked out some of my favourite pieces this season for all occasions that will suit all wardrobes whilst keeping an element of unique design behind every choice.