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Vegan Mondays, I didn't think such a thing existed in Liverpool where every surrounding area within 5 miles is a dairy farm providing the best cheese in the country. But yes you bloody read that right, Liverpool's business district is hip and groovy with the times of the present. Santa Maluco do extraordinarily and almost unforgivably good pizzas. Literally I'll just start off by saying this place has given me pizza mind, and I love you to pizzas - promise this post will contain no more pizza puns! So in anticipation of World Vegan month, the expert crafters of Santa Maluco have launched their new weekly vegan Rodizio menu. Boy oh boy you will be queueing up outside for a slice of the hottest pizza place in town.

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So with the focus on sustainable farming, and the arise of mindful culinary it's been mega important more now than ever to pick wisely what you put on your plate. So as date night me and Paddy trotted down to see what the fuss was about on Castle Street. Paddy was late, so I opted to grab myself a gin & tonic and watch the world go by in awe over the town hall at night time. It's one of my favourite spots to kick back outside in the summer, and becoming near enough winter too.

After bumping into industry pals, giving smooches we had the waitress explain how the Rodizio works. Spin the dial to one of the three selections; more pizza please, dessert pizza and no more slices. More pizza please does exactly what it says on the tin - they simply keep bringing you slices of fresh, straight from the oven vegan pizza. At what is a incredibly good deal. £10.95 before 4pm, or £15.95 afterwards for unlimited slices. The question we all pose is "wheres the (vegan) pizza?" to which we've now discovered, it's where everyone is right now, in Santa Maluco

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Unlimited Pizza? Alrighty Then!

Stephi LaReine pizza in Santa Maluco

So what does your fixed price pay for? Mondays menu includes:
Return Of The Mac; mince, mozzarella, big mac sauce, white onions, pickles and lettuce.  Lo Pan mozzarella, curry sauce, salt and pepper tofu, spring onions, chillis, sriracha and char sui.
What The Duck; mozzarella, mock duck, spring onion, cucumber, char sui and sesame seed. Finally my favourite of the evening - The Falaffin; mozzarella, tomato base, falafel, tomato, cucumber, tahini, walnuts

There's no dipping involved, just a mixture of people using a knife and fork or their hands. To be honest, it doesn't matter because good pizza is good pizza, surely it's complimentary to dive straight in. Save your chitchat and prepare for dough bliss.

This quirky addition to Castle Street means for a more experimental business lunch, whilst taking in the sights and sounds of a wonderful Brazilian bistro. With the latest artwork from Graffiti Spirit, the renowned team backing the popular Scouse venues of Salt Dog Slims, El Bandito and Santa Chupitos. It's the only place in the area that will provide you with a dessert pizza also. Think whipped cream, Nutella, bananas, strawberries and drizzled in a dazzling sauce ready to send you into the stratosphere of sweetness. Accompany this winning combination with a Five Dollar Shake and you'll be truly stuffed - if you haven't already had 7 slices of pizza like the rest of us.


"Here at Santa Maluco we want our pizzas to bring that Brazilian flare mixed with some old authentic Italian tradition. All our pizzas are cooked in our wood fired handmade oven. We do not use any fuel apart from wood in our oven, bringing the most authentic pizza experience possible to your plate. All our pizzas are 18 inch and are made completely from scratch by our experienced and talented pizziolas."

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