The Best Pho In Liverpool

The Authentic Vietnamese You Need To Try

At the upper end of the niche and artisan Bold Street Liverpool resides the hidden gem known to the locals that is Pho, self explanatory and does exactly what it says on the sign. Pho, pho and more pho. It's decor channeling both classic Vietnamese design with modern twists of colour and contrast making it a cosy haven that is both authentic and current in the world of Vietnamese food. I can safely say it's a place I'd dine in day after day, so let me talk you through the hot picks of the menu and why Pho is the place to be eating in Liverpool for all your  noodle needs.

Pho Liverpool Bold Street Review
Pho Liverpool Cocktail

So What Is Pho? 

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup made with rice noodles in a broth, traditionally made with beef or chicken. It's highly addictive, and despite it's liquid nature a none messy meal (or messy assuming how much you enjoy the cuisine!) which is often served as all three staple meals. Which I can completely forsee myself doing, as who wouldn't want to wake up to a tasty hearty meal? 

The Top Picks In Pho

A quick chat with the family pivoted from a date night to a family night out. The idea of silky noodles, iced tea and dimly lit dinner was not only for the appeal of myself and Paddy. I was highly impressed with everything from the service, the food quality, the attention to detail in the cocktails and simply everything about Pho. It's captivating, and thus making a restaurant worthy of hopping in and out of whatever the occasion. 

We started off our food expedition with Bánh phồng tôm; prawn crackers with sweet chilli sauce to whet the appetite. We've always been suckers for sweet chilli dips and it simply blew everything we ever knew about sweet chilli onto a whole new level of freshly prepared clean condiments. A total must on your Pho experience. 

Starters consisted of  Cánh gà; Seasoned, crispy chicken wings served with sriracha. As well as Mực chiên giòn; Tender fried baby squid with a salt, pepper & lime dip. A completely different experience of baby squid I'd ever tried, with the squid being dipped into the salt, pepper and lime dip. Flavour activation in full force. 

Mains obviously consisting of exploring the Pho menu, a menu so diverse with meats, broths and customisation for a unique experience. I opted for the house special, Phở bò nấm trúng; a blend of brisket, enoki & button mushrooms, creamy egg yolk, in beef broth. I love that the brisket is shredded and falls apart so tenderly. Customised with an assortment of sides to plop in the broth. I also tried out everyone else dishes which included  Phở tôm, a tiger prawn Pho.


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Stephi LaReine reviews Liverpools best Pho
Pho in Liverpool
Pho Liverpool Cocktails

Vietnamese Cocktails

The cocktails all have quirky twists on classic combinations. I tried the Phojito; a blend of Nếp Phú Lộc, mint, lime & soda. Changing up the iconic mojito with clear rice spirit. The combination was seamless, with such fragrance of the mint and lime. It goes hand in hand with the food. 

The other top choices of cocktails are the Cà phê Martini; including Nếp Phú Lộc, Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk. Despite giving up caffeine all together I still adore an espresso martini, and this beverage changed how I felt about caffeine, which means I'll be trekking back to Pho for my martini. 

My other picks included a Vietnamese Bloody Mary, which I'd highly recommend to start your meal as it's richness suits the starters perfectly. The last pick would be the Rose Apple Bellini, a great substitute for the lover of prosecco mixed with rose apple liquor - super ideal for dessert. 


Vietnamese Drinks For No-Drinkers

Pho also do a host of none alcoholic beverages, so if you're not a beer, wine or cocktail person there is something tasty and treating for your meal in Pho. Fresh juices, iced teas and spiced lemonades are the top picks. I tried the fresh spiced lemonade and it gave me ideas for cocktail combinations. Served with fresh mint for the extra zap of flavour and fragrance that cleanses the palette in-between courses. 

Pho Liverpool Bold Street Review
Bold Street Restaurant Pho in Liverpool
Pho Liverpool Desserts

Top Picks For Desserts

I opted for the passionfruit cheesecake as I am wholeheartedly dedicating my life to cheesecake meal by meal, with not a single regret. Which applies to Pho's cheesecake, being creamy but tarte enough to pick up the passionfruit. I was seriously impressed with the sorbet too, which reluctantly means my lactose intolerant sister can dine happily knowing all the meals aren't made with dairy. Other top picks for desserts is the chocolate truffle slab served with green tea ice cream. A unique blend of chocolate and savoury ice cream - tantalising for the tastebuds!

Pho Liverpool Bold Street
Pho Liverpool Restaurant
Patrick McGuinness Pho Restaurant Beers

For all your savoury needs Pho really is a spectacular place to try out, the food feels hearty, wholesome but not overwhelming. It makes a great location to dive into midweek for a night of socialising. Let us also point out how incredibly fabulous the service is there, they will talk you through absolutely everything and find exactly what you need, as well as providing you with the best giggle. With it's easy peasy to find location combined with excellent dining Pho is a place I'll be heading back to, time and time (and time!) again. Hands down one of the top places to treat yourself to in Liverpool. 

Stephi LaReine Liverpool Food Blogger