Anxiety Can Be a Thing of the Past If You Apply These Tips

Everyone worries, but having severe anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating. It can also have negative effects on your health and mood. Some people with anxiety have a difficult time getting through their day because constant worrying can take over all your thoughts. Concentrating on your work or daily tasks can be nearly impossible. Does this sound like you? While medication can help, some people prefer to treat their anxiety in more natural ways. If you are looking to put anxiety behind you without taking medication, then try out some of these tips.

Liverpool Fashion Blogger Stephi LaReine
Liverpool Fashion Blogger Stephi LaReine

Tips To Minimise Anxiety


Being active is not only good for your health and watching your weight, but it can also reduce anxiety. When we are active, our brains release endorphins, which help us to be happier. When we are happier, we tend to experience less anxiety. Anything from yoga to running and even weight training can release these feel-good brain chemicals and help us feel less worried about whatever is going on in our lives. People who exercise often and usually happier. Even just 30 minutes a day of some kind of activity can help.


Taking a few minutes a day for yourself can be helpful in reducing anxiety. Practicing meditation has been effective in helping the body to de-stress. It can help rewire our brains to stop worrying so much. While it does take time and practice, it can be very beneficial. It not only helps with anxiety, but also can help to increase mood and overall health. The less stress on your body, the healthier. Including deep breathing in your meditation can also help to reduce anxiety as well.

Use a Stress Relief Toy

You have heard of children bringing fidget spinners to school, but did you know there are a variety of stress relief toys that can be helpful to adults, too? Using a toy as a tool to help reduce anxiety is not only fun but can be very effective. The trick is your brain is concentrating on something other than your worrisome thoughts. Some stress relief toys can even attach to your keychain or purse so that you don’t always have to remember to carry it with you. If you are feeling stressed while you are out, they can be very helpful to getting your mind off negative thoughts.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

It is important to be present with those around you when you are feeling anxious. It is easy to withdraw from others when we are feeling worries or stress, but being around other people can really help. Holding a conversation with someone you trust who can ease your worries might help. If you don’t always want to talk about what is on your mind, just being around others and concentrating on something besides your own thoughts can be helpful, too.

Liverpool Fashion Blogger Stephi LaReine

Think Positive

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but focusing on the positive aspects can also help us to reduce stress. Some people like to keep an appreciation journal where they jot down things they are thankful for each day or when they are feeling stressed. For example, if you are feeling stressed or anxious at your job, you might think about how you are grateful to have a job that allows you to pay bills, eat the foods you like, and go on vacation. Thinking positively and showing gratitude can have some positive effects on anxiety.

Eat Right

It might be hard to believe, but eating enough and the right kinds of foods can have a positive impact on your anxiety. B vitamins and Omega 3s are nutrients that can boost your brain function and calm your body down. When we don’t eat enough throughout the day, it can cause our bodies to become stressed out. It is important to eat whole and clean foods such as fruits and vegetables, as well as good for you grains. Try to avoid too much sugar and processed foods if you can. These are known to exacerbate symptoms of anxiety.

Reduce or Eliminate Caffeine

Many people enjoy having their few cups of coffee every day to help them wake up and have energy at work, but did you know this could be one of the causes of your anxiety? Caffeine can have a significant effect on the body’s ability to remain calm. If you have ever felt jittery after drinking coffee, then you know what it feels like to have anxiety. It is almost impossible to control the way you feel. Reducing or even eliminating caffeine from your daily routine can help.

All in All

Anxiety can really affect some people’s lives. It can be difficult to control, and taking medication may help, but it will not cure your anxiety. The best thing to do for your anxiety would be to change your ways and rewire your brain by following one or more of the tips above.