Things To Do This Christmas

Festive Activities & Why I Love Christmas

I've been talking about Christmas in Liverpool since early September and collating the new and interesting things we can do around this wonderful time of year to get into the spirit of the festivities. This guide will give you early insight into all the cool and happening activities that will be progressing over the next few months, as well as how you can get involved to make this Christmas the most special yet. Whilst I'll be chatting first about why Christmas is my favourite time of the year and how it is socially acceptable to start buying mince pies already. Talking about becoming a  big kid as soon as the weather gets chillier and try to milk every moment I can from ice skating, to mulled wine in cosy lodges and getting in all my shopping early. Stay tuned for tons of posts including my renowned Christmas Gift Guide. Image credit:

Stephi LaReine Christmas

Why I love Christmas So Much

Christmas was always made incredibly special for me as a kid, I'd wake up at 2am and launch myself onto my parents bed persuading them to wake up after seeing Santa had filled my stocking with goodies and the mountain of presents under the tree got even bigger. I was never spoilt, my parents sacrificed so much, so that mine and my sisters Christmas was never jeopardised. So over the years as I started to make an income from my site I decided that I'd make Christmas special for anyone who had ever celebrated it with me, for all the years of good memories, presents and happiness deserves to be given back with high levels of compensation. Despite not being religious whatsoever me and my family called it our midwinter feast, where family and friends take priority, and we come together to celebrate good health, respect, kindness and caring. Winter can become pretty lonely so our hearts have always been at the focal point of looking after each other. Because of this, my parents haven't lost their touch when it comes to making our house look like Santas grotto, even after 23 years of being on this planet. So I swore I'd do the same, as my idea of Christmas is making everyone feel warm, fuzzy and showered with love and good memories. 

I love every single aspect, and try to sprinkle festive magic on any Scrooge I come into contact with, as it's so important to make everyone feel extra wonderful - don't you think? Personally I don't think I'll ever change from watching The Muppets Christmas Carol in my polar bear pj's, sipping a frothy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and caramel, whilst wrapping presents. There's not another time of year where I feel so good, I'm bursting with anticipation, probably due to being terrible at keeping presents a secret till Christmas day - one of my favourite parts is seeing the faces of everyone as they open their presents. I don't do your standard bottle of wine and box of chocolates. I do personalised gifts and really delve into each person giving them consideration into something they really like. I'd much rather clutter their house with presents that they'd want than another tin of Quality Street. 

Let's talk about the food also, because this is something that goes down as legendary in my house. My parents are both avid experimenters for food, and its a family fact if you want something cooking that looks like its served out of a michelin star restaurant you go to my parents. I'm so incredibly excited as we've got my boyfriends dad around for Christmas also, as we said Christmas is about coming together, and luckily loading the dishwasher will be a breeze with more people. I find it an incredibly important process to help with the food as much as possible, I'm always in their kitchen trying to make their lives easier, and that makes me happy. Not to be incredibly cliche but one of my favourite memories was making gingerbread men with my mum and giggling at how silly their faces come out from the icing, they looked too good to eat, but smelt too good to waste. So really Christmas isn't about how much you spend on someone, it's the quality memories that don't cost a penny, that make it more important than what is sitting under the tree. So this Christmas get more people involved and really take your time by picking wishful presents that make their world spin. 

Christmas Fun At The Market

Yes, yes yes the Christmas Market is my starting point, because seeing all the wooden huts dotted around The World Museum of Liverpool just gets everyone feeling fuzzy. I highly recommend buying some pastries, trying the local bread, crepes and supporting the smaller businesses. Some of the nicest jams, conserves, cheese & chutneys come from the Christmas market.


Image Credit: Oukas

Christmas Market Liverpool
Christmas Hot Chocolate Liverpool

Where To Get Your Christmas Hot Chocolate

It goes without saying that a chocolate hit whilst you're out shopping and soaking up the cheer is a must for anyone. Barley & Beans do a scrumptious combination (as well as standard cream & marshmallows) of radical freakshakes like Terry's chocolate orange, Kinder, Nutella and more. It's a work of art that might need two spoons to get through it, so get sharing!

Rococo is one of my favourite places to retreat from the busy city, elegant decor, delicious food (please do stop there for lunch for a panini!) and huge hot chocolates, it's almost a full meal. Leaf is my other hot spot, they cater really well to vegan & vegetarians too and come Christmas time they hang baubles and fairy lights all over the branches on the ceiling.


Image Credit: Barley & Beans

Where To Host Your Christmas Party

All parties come down to price budget, but I've been tipped off as the following places will be going the extra mile to make sure your party isn't forgotten until next Christmas.

One of the best nights out in Liverpool you'll have is at The Alchemist. with a three course Christmas dinner with chicken skewers, turkey roulade and Christmas pudding for dessert. Try out some of their wild Alchemist cocktails that will light up your life through science.
5 Brunswick Street, Liverpool L2 0UU

Viva Brazil is the spot to try out different cuts of barbecued meats, all Brazilian style of course. Their Christmas rodinzio includes a Caipirinha cocktail on arrival, unlimited meats from the charcoal barbecue and a dessert to finish.
Viva Brazil, 36 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 0NR

The Fire and Ice party has been the talk of all foodies who love a splash of entertainment at Titanic Hotel Liverpool . Kitted out with a red carpet and magical decor. This gala dinner will keep the office party going until 1.30am. Its a brilliant hidden gem not too far from city centre, with gorgeous views of the docks and rooms to bring the party up to.
Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool L3 0AN

Cirque de Lumiere will provide your Christmas party with all the entertainment possible at the Echo Arena. With a light show that is known to be simply spectacular, which includes a festive meal where after you can dance the night away in a full size after dinner fairground.


Activities You Can Take Kids

The Christmas Ice Festival is coming back to Albert Dock where you can go for a spin on ice skates. I highly recommend the festival as all the fairground rides are out, which includes the notoriously high sky swing (I can safely say I loved every moment of it!). You can also have a dash on the ice slide, and for adults only nip up to the ice bar, whilst the little ones are having a munch in the pop-up food and drink stalls.

The Lanterns at Chester Zoo will be showcasing giraffes, lions and elephants. The zoo runs most days of the year, so you can still see lots of the animals in a winter escape. The zoo is renowned for it's winter tours with some exclusive sights that aren't available in the spring and summer. Starting from November 24th - December 30th.

The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is appearing up north with a live symphony orchestra performing to picture all the sounds from the movie. Its on the 1st of December, so grab tickets quickly!


Liverpool Christmas Party
mulled wine in liverpool

The Best Places For Mulled Wine

Before we jump into mulled wine, it's recently been announced that mulled gin will be going on sale very soon before Christmas in Asda, that will include cinnamon, rose petals, ginger and star anise for all cocktail lovers like myself who try to slip gin into every Christmas party.

Veeno's wine tastings will send you to a different world of sophistication. With some great news, they also do some of the best mulled wine around. Also if you book a wine tasting during November or December and enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco and Mulled Wine. Definitely try out their accompanying platters of cheese and meats to compliment your evening.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar is the epicentre of Christmas beauty. Year after year I always look forward to getting my treatments done there, whether it's a full face of makeup, some festive nails or just a wander around for presents I always head up to their pop up food and drink bar for a mulled wine kit to get my festivities going.

The Alma De Cuba is a night for partying on the weekend, and angelic sit down dinners throughout the day and weekdays (weekends too if you want a dazzling view of dancers!). They pride themselves in their homemade mince pies and mulled wine. So nip down to Seel Street for a romantic dinner and a show.


Image credit: Flea Market Insiders