Catch Some Rays

Autumnal Skies

Let's officially throw in the towel that the days on the beach have come to a close, as we're all contemplating Halloween and Christmas (yes the C word was mentioned!) Lets revel in the entirety of transitional weather. I'm still in dresses with no tights and have no intention to put them away quite yet. So today I'm talking through my transitional fashion tips, and why I love autumn. Catch some rays, because the skies are setting quicker and the days are getting shorter. 


Stephi LaReine Joanie Clothing Embroidered Sun Hat Blogger
Stephi LaReine Joanie Clothing Embroidered Sun Hat
Stephi LaReine Joanie Clothing Embroidered Sun Hat
Stephi LaReine Joanie Clothing Embroidered Sun Hat
Stephi LaReine Joanie Clothing Embroidered Sun Hat

Nobody loves autumn quite like I'll ever do. The fashion is one, as I get revved up for Fashion Week but also the clothes get darker and more sparkly.  I've taken this time to wrap up warm whilst taking strolls out as the freshness of a autumn breeze is unbeatable.

In todays outfit I've layered up, a trend that simply never goes out of style but teaming a red, navy and white ensemble. That's complimented by a light wood Cult Gaia clutch. I wear it everywhere. This twins my sunhat which I never actually got the opportunity to wear very much in the sun - it's gonna be first in my suitcase throughout my travels though! 

Mixing patterns and textures is one of the biggest trends of this year, a trend that I've always tried to channel within my outfits, simplicity of same patterns can be dull, so revamp your wardrobe by switching up lace and stripes. It took me until writing this post to realise this outfit compliments the overall colour scheme of my hair - totally unintentional oops. 

Transitional fashion can be anything from popping some jeans underneath a long sleeve top and jeans underneath a dress. Or wrapping a scarf around your favourite jumpsuit. It's the little transitions that will have you swimming into the Christmas spirit. My bobble hats have been dusted off from my walk in wardrobe and had a small change around as I accommodate more unique approaches to styling my outfits this autumn. Sandals become cut-out boots to then become boots. I'm still not entirely ready to pop away my open toe heels for the year so I'm pairing them with fishnet socks. 


Stephi LaReine Joanie Clothing Embroidered Sun Hat