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Fashion Just Got Romantic

Whilst it's the odd time of year where we transition from our summer dresses to jumpers, I've been thinking long and hard about the future of fashion, and how influential it can be from the simplest of things. I've quite enjoyed matching my hair to my outfits over the past few weeks and wanted to talk about simplicity and how it can override the chaotic world that fashion can be sometimes. I find when there's hundreds of micro trends coming out throughout September and February as the catwalks release new designs, not everyone can choose their favourites if they wish to model their style on an inspirational piece from the fashion forecast. My micro-trend I've been loving is Parisian Chic, and whilst it's been around for years I've found it very impactful in my personal style. 

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 This Season: Exaggerate proportions through feminine silhouettes and lengthen legs with high waists

It's the final day of London Fashion Week and the one lesson that has been learnt is that ruffles are here to stay, whether it's in big statement sleeves or the small trim like my Joanie Clothing jumper that is so so très chic. Comfortable is cool and I am seriously digging that. For now the skinny ripped jeans are being shoved to the back of my wardrobe for a more favourable loose material. If you hadn't have noticed already since my blue, red and orange hair transformation I've been wearing an awful lot of blue, red and orange. It's my nod to the new Marc Jacobs collection that has just come fresh off the runway. As I'm writing this I can't help but think of the stereotypical Devil Wears Prade "florals for spring...groundbreaking!" quote spinning in my head. But my wardrobe tends to turn into a slightly muddier palette. I'm a real sucker for autumnal mustard yellows and jewel tones over primary block colouring at this time of year.

To me autumn fashion reminds me of Paris and the contrast of beautiful architecture against nature flora and fauna. So my romanticism lies in the seasons, but not fashion seasons. I dug out a pair of Long Tall Sally boots from a few seasons ago that I found a re-love for, that not only can I sport chunky Christmas socks underneath but also transition my summer dresses to autumn jumpers. I think this is definitely my favourite time of year - it's still warm and tights aren't ready to emerge into my life. 

The simplicity of fashion nowadays can be as simple as finding your key staple items that see you through the years. This comes down to personality, and taste rather than whats on the high street. I personally prefer choosing select items that are of better quality that I can recycle throughout the years as it's something I deeply love and may not always be on the catwalk. Whilst I do find my own style is something unique I do quite like the inspiration from designers to help inform certain choices I make. I don't pry over catwalks and take every piece as absolute gospel as the way I saw myself as I first came into full time blogging many years ago is that I'm a personal style blogger, as well as a Fashion Week insider. As I say time and time again, fashion is seasonal and style is eternal. 

I frequently romanticise over the love and passion I have for clothes, it's not egotistical, to me it's more than expressive and another artistic medium to present a personality in an outward manner. So what I mean to say from this post is romanticise over why you love to wear what you do, and take serious amounts of pride in your uniqueness. We're not all bred to be sheep, so shop around and never stick to a single brand unless that brand encompasses everything you are in a person. I find labels distasteful knowing you're a certain type of somebody, so always shop around and explore new shops and designers to fall in love with. 

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