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Neon Fine Dining Just Got Even Better!

I've been pretty much ready to move into Neighbourhood in Liverpool ever since I first step foot in it. Let's remind ourselves back to when I first strutted through the doors of Neighbourhood in a previous post, and how good it was back then, and how it's improved over the past half year. They've just introduced the utterly outstanding, "say what!" deal called Not Going Home, that they're hosting from 12pm-5pm which includes five small plates and five cocktails priced at a stupidly affordable £5. You did read that correctly, which means we can all indulge in the luxurious experience of fine dining in Liverpool without picking up the gobsmacking bill at the end. Neighbourhood prides itself in being a juxtaposition of New York design, and in my personal opinion what I think the restaurant behind the Top Of The Pops stages looked like. You dine like a rock star, in decor Wes Anderson heaven. 

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The Best View Of Heaven Is From Hell Neighbourhood Liverpool

How We Like To Dine

I'm a big believer in that sharing is certainly caring. Paddy however doesn't see eye to eye in a Joey from Friends scenario where food sharing is not a option, tapas can be difficult when we're abroad but loe I managed to whip him out of his ways and strike a deal of learning how to share his food. We picked out everything from the menu, which includes mini burgers, tempura prawns, half sushi rolls, skewers (the choice is beef, chicken and fish) which we had the monkfish! As well as butternut squash ravioli. I munched down the sushi rolls super quickly - they were beef, which was a unique take on sushi that I'd never tried substituting the seaweed wraps for thinly sliced beef, truly divine. With each course, a new cocktail was introduced to the table, a concept that I could get very well adjusted to. 

Neighbourhood Not Going Home Menu
Neighbourhood Not Going Home Menu
Neighbourhood Liverpool Desserts
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Neighbourhood Liverpool Review

Luxury Cocktails 

The other talking point of Neighbourhood Liverpool is their bespoke cocktail menu, and the Not Going Out menu is boasting a taste for everyone. From a glass of prosecco to a personal favourite of mine SugarLips with candy lips. The cocktail menu includes; Sugar Lips (which is so very instagrammable!) Suck it up buttercup, it tastes of lemon cake. As well as Cute AF, Moretti and of course the Liverpool favourite that is a glass of prosecco. In my opinion go wild with the adventurous cocktails as they're simply delightful and bespoke to Neighbourhood only. 

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Neighbourhood Liverpool Desserts
Waffles from Neighbourhood Liverpool on Castle Street

Our Sweet Tooth

Naturally we finish up all of our date nights with something sweet at the end (not that we're sweet enough already!) but dessert in Neighbourhood is a absolute must! I vouched for a chocolate bomb that melts with contact of caramel sauce. To find a tasty surprise of gummy bears, and various sweets around. Paddy went for the waffles, which as per usual his always looks incredible, so my eyes always go wandering to other peoples plates. It's our aim to try out the lunches and indulge in some afternoon sugary delight and work our way through the sweet menu, because why not...

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Stephi LaReine Neighbourhood Liverpool
Stephi LaReine Neighbourhood Liverpool Sugarlips cocktail
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