Iconic Class For The Red Carpet

Fashion Just Got Romantic

I was set the challenge to replicate one of my favourite celebrity icons from the oh-so-fabulous Quiz Clothing, my favourite go-to location for evening gowns. Naturally I had to select a icon I see as aspiring, inspiring and just god damn cool as ever. Lana Del Rey encapsulates similar style traits to myself whilst being just an angel at everything. A look I'll never forget by Miss Del Rey is her evening attire to the Cannes Festival back in 2013 as a lot of trends from back in that year have been recycles. Such stylish aspects like eyelet detail, sequin florals (which is one of the feel good hits of the winter that is coming!). So styling up a similar evening gown that I'd use for date night, diamond balls and other such events that fill my calendar was an absolute joy. Pairing my look with no jewellery and a simple but iconic pair of black thick strap heels. Simplicity is often overlooked, and understated when styling a look that's beautiful it's itself. Let me talk you through my look, and how I achieved my Lana Del Rey inspired look. 

Stephi LaReine Does Lana Del Rey Inspired Cannes Festival Look
Quiz Clothing Evening Dress by blogger Stephi LaReine
Quiz Clothing Evening Going Out Dress by Stephi LaReine
Quiz Clothing Evening Going Out Dress by Stephi LaReine

Occasion-Wear Trend: Combining fishtail maxi dresses with simplistic buckle strap heels

This look is perfect for party season, with touches of glamour I'd easily style this up with a statement leather jacket for the music awards or keep simply cool and stand-alone with large gold earrings. I'm obsessed with fishtail dresses for occasions as it fully accentuates the figure in a dazzling way, giving possibility for glowing arms and shoulders. They make the best kind of going out dresses giving your ensemble a beautiful elegant appearance. I love that this outfit makes me feel old-school Hollywood channeling part Del Rey, Monroe and Priscilla Presley. All the cool ladies of Hollywood of course. 

Quiz Clothing Evening Going Out Dress by Stephi LaReine

How I Styled This Look

Lana Del Rey is known for her focus on eyemakeup and a statement lipstick to accentuate her well shaped lips. So I teamed a striking liquid eyeliner with a flash of gold glitter on my eyelids, which were smoked out with black and brown tones to create a 60s-esque Twiggy look that is often seen in Del Reys makeup. Finally bronzing around my cheekbones and adding a dark nude colour similar to her Cannes Festival red carpet look with a Stephi twist. 

She wore her hair in a sophisticated curl bob, a la Monroe. So with a current trend of hair for the next year is the poofed up lower ponytail I created a rock'n'roll distressed look by wanding the front of my hair and ends of the length, where it was loosely tied up with a hair tie and sprayed into place but giving it flexible to move with freedom. 

Let me know on social media who your style and celebrity icons are!