Drive To Dream

Our Journey To Leeds Festival With Our Ford Fiesta Titanium

Let us talk cars today, specifically one car which we were given the privilege of having over Leeds Festival weekend. We nipped into Peoples Ford in Bootle to be greeted with our dazzling royal blue All New Ford Fiesta. I don't drive, but I know Paddy has a need for speed. I'm your girl who watches Top Gear because the cars look unspeakably fabulous, but never got round to driving. This is where I swayed my mind to perhaps pick up some lessons as the boyfriend was in his element. Today I'm talking you through our wild and wonderful Drive To Dream journey as we zoomed off to Branham Park to get the party started. 

All New Ford Fiesta 67 Plate
Stephi LaReine Patrick McGuinness All New Ford Fiesta 67 Plate

The All New Fiesta

So whats the dealio with this swanky car? It's great for adventures. You know I'm not shy to an adventure, life is one big adventure and the moments you keep are the chapters of your life, so knowing that I'm having the best time listening to my favourite tunes along the way is vital. This is where Ford had me nodding, and that's because the All New Ford Fiesta is equipped with Pimp Your Ride style subwoofers in the boot, 10 outstanding speakers and amps under the passenger seat (woohoo!)

So it's pretty clear the tunes were on full, as we sat back in an audio experience like wearing a set of headphones - crystal clear, and with potential to be very loud - and we like loud! 



Stephi LaReine Patrick McGuinness 2017

Leeds Festival Here We Come! 

All good adventures start with some form of transportation, whether thats your feet or a car so knowing we could stuff all of our camping gear into the boot and zoom through the hills of Leeds made our journey extremely pleasant. I think it was all the little things that made me fall in love with the Fiesta, like the glowing blue lights that come on under your feet when it gets dark, the amount of space and extra gadgets that I eventually explored after I finished head banging. It's a car for adventures and dreaming, the car that I want to take all over the country, sleep in it, take through the country as well as the city. It's a good all rounder to kick start that wanderlust, and I'm over the moon to say the weather at Leeds Festival was perfect so we weren't trying to zoom through the muddy car park splattering our shiny car huzzah! 


All New Ford Fiesta
All New Ford Fiesta
All New Ford Fiesta
All New Ford Fiesta

Also I've re-launched my Youtube Channel, so my first video is my Leeds Festival x Ford Fiesta adventure - so check it out!

All New Ford Fiesta Peoples Ford Bootle

What also is super duper fab of Peoples Ford, is that part of the introduction to the new 67 licence plate, which will be introduced from September 1st, is that everyone who takes a test drive receives a free overnight stay in a hotel of choice across the UK which we are very excited about. Peoples Ford aren't just getting you from A to B, they're also supplying C which is incredible! 


Peoples Ford in Bootle can be found at Orrell Lane, Bootle, Liverpool, L20 6PD