The Essential City Break Packing Guide

Grab a bikini and some flip flops and you’re sorted for a beach holiday. However, a city break? Packing suddenly becomes more complicated. City breaks are naturally more active than beach holidays, as you explore all that the city has to offer. With the wrong clothing, this can be a disaster — blisters and sunburn anyone? Thought not! Prague, Madrid or Rome — packing needs careful consideration. Daniel Footwear is here to help, so take a look at our essential city break packing checklist before going away.

City Break Essential

Shoes, shoes, shoes

On a city break, you’re likely to be on your feet a lot. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins or walking cobbled streets, there’s only one thing for it: trainers. Thankfully, we’re in the midst of a 90s revival, meaning our trainers are bang on trend, as well as super comfortable. For a glam edge to your everyday style, we love the range of Michael Kors trainers. When day turns to night, and the clock strikes cocktail o’clock, it’s time to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Depending on what you have planned, you may want to take some heels with you — you can always take a taxi if it’s a long way away. Wedges are a popular choice, and they look great with both jeans and dresses.
Heels aren’t for everyone, but fear not, there are flat alternatives too. Think sliders or Fitflop ballerina shoes, and a pair of embellished sandals too. Embellished sandals are a stylish alternative to heels, perfect for channelling that beach-to- bar look, while their added glitz adds a dash of glamour that every summer night needs.

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Finishing touches

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses – they are a summer staple that you just won’t be able to live without on a summer city creak. They help you look stylish whilst protecting your eyes from the sun rays. Who doesn’t love a big pair of sunglasses? It can get extremely hot when you are out exploring a new city, partner your sunglasses with a sunhat for an instantly glamorous look. A sunhat is a timeless accessory that will shield your face from the mid-day sun, whilst making you look very chic. For an evening, don’t forget to pack some statement jewellery to finish your look. Bold jewellery will mirror the glitz and sparkle of your embellished sandals.

City Break Essential
City Break

Summer staples

Stay glamorous throughout your entire holiday with maxi dresses. They are a great city break staple that are cool and stylish by day, and totally glamourous by night when partnered with a pair of wedges and a chunky necklace – very boho.
When you are out exploring the city’s history during the midday sun, something light and floaty is ideal to keep you cool throughout the day. Cami tops, kaftans, floral playsuits and tea dresses are perfect, and totally on trend. They’ll even look great with your trainers. Fashion that’s comfortable, who would have thought it?

Pair your favourite slogan or band t-shirts with some denim shorts just in case you burn your shoulders. T-shirts are great for covering up those sore burnt bits, whilst keeping you cool when you explore rest of the city.

Sun cream

Sun cream is a must! It can get very hot when you are out and about during the day doing activities, and you might not realise the strength of the sun’s rays. You don’t want to ruin your strip with sore sunburn, or even sunstroke. Be safe and apply plenty before you head out into the sun.