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The Guide To Luxury Packing Like A Pro - With Sunnylife

The best way to enjoy a holiday is to enjoy every moment, it could be the random things you pack in your suitcase. I recently in my travels around Benicassim decided to buy a pack of scoobies - because a nice revival from the 90s will keep anyone entertained on a flight. Today I'm talking through some essentials I've been packing on my travels with all products from Sunnylife available at John Lewis.

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An Inflatable Flamingo

You've seen them all over instagram, and probably on this blog for the past 3 years. Flamingos are one of my favourite animals and they've been feeding into every shops latest trends. My flamingo is from SunnyLife. It's guaranteed your summer won't suck if you fling one of these majestic floats into your pool. I've also spotted they do swans, toucans, or even if you love rose gold you can get a rose gold flamingo - mega wow! 



Watermelon Everything!

So my instagram has been packed full of watermelons, eating watermelons, sitting on watermelons, carrying a watermelon bag. It's my current favourite giving me a taste of effortless juicy cool. I even spoke about my watermelon soap on a rope. 

I'm truly digging the red, green and black colour combinations. It's been making my holidays more exciting as I float away in the Mediterranean ocean, or sipping cocktails in my watermelon ring surrounded by palm trees. Feeling like I'm living a Lana Del Rey song.

Ice Cream Tumbler

I love taking my smoothies, juices and cocktails down to the beach, and having it in a tumbler is the best way to go to avoid the sand that seems to get everywhere. It's mega cute, and comes with me on all my travels, so my ice cream tumbler is my perfect companion for my beach bag and is so insta worthy!

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