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Curbing Your Motivational Block

Tips & Tricks For Getting Back On Track With Being Productive

Sometimes its okay to hit a wall of nothing, and when I say nothing I do literally mean nothing at all. It's like an abyss that seems to last forever, and it sometimes seems that nothing you do will ever get you out the rut of procrastination. Those days where you forget how to spell, how to write a proper structured sentence. I very rarely have this happen to me, as I feel like a machine, I'm built to make others happy, and even in times where I feel like there's nothing I can serve, I've learnt to accept it's time to step away from the keyboard. It happens to us all, you've got the groove and it's like the batteries start to run out. It's perfectly normal, we're all only human. Today I'll be talking you through tips and tricks guaranteed to get your aspirational motivation fully charged.


Getting positive and motivated with Stephi LaReine

I recently had the misfortunate circumstances of having my phone stolen, and in that silver lining felt a sense of purity. It was like I shortcutted out the rat race that can be social media. Getting caught in the tangle of lives of others, and having a moment or a dozen of self reflection, that sense of clarity gave me belonging, a manifesto of where I stand in society, and to have that taken all away from me for a few weeks gave me the second person perspective of what it was like commmunicating without digital reliance. I spent many of my days travelling, meeting new people and enjoying my own life. I'd never have an inclination to not play the social media gam,e and live my own life, it's odd how digital consumption makes me you wanna keep riding the ride - but lack of motivation is time for you to get off the ride. 

What I mean to say is that mental clarity is key in any situation in finding what it really is that you're searching for. I felt like a modern age Hunter S Thompson, jumping from article to article - thinking to myself "content is key" I'm very fortunate that my job is orientated around my adventures and my own life, but it's not like that for many. The nurses, doctors, cleaners, I.T technicians and everything on the spectrum of a career need a moment of sighing to see the next step. Steve Jobs said creatives were like the the round pegs in the square holes of society, which couldn't fit my life anymore, we try to make it fit. What gives my life a difference is what keeps me striving to fit a certain criteria of what society expects of me. To write, write and write some more. But those days where I don't want to write is that moment I keep the computer switched off, and refer to my best tricks to halting my block of motivation. 

How to stay motivated by Stephi LaReine

Things I do To Curb My Procrastination

Places to explore in 2017

Go Exploring

This point expands as far as you want it to, physical exploring, mental exploring, spiritually exploring - the possibilities are endless and that infinite attitude is what curates thoughts and ideas. I might go off for a walk, that could take 10 minutes or 2 hours. Walking has been proven to give our minds rest whilst we focus on other parts of our body. It's comparible to when you're determined to sleep at night but you're bewildered with thoughts of the random, impossible or even if they are possible they constantly replay until you get out of bed, sort it and jump back in bed.
One part of your body is resting, the other is extremely active. If your yearning is larger than a simple little niggle that agitates you book a holiday and go travelling. It sounds easier said than done but a change of scenery from the mundane routine can spice up your life in incredible ways. 




Listen To Music

Unless you work in the music industry and don't want to listen to another song for a month, music generally stimulates whilst rests our minds. It provokes whilst eases our thoughts. Music sends me to a different space and time, it's escapism from a life I don't fancy leading for a while. Whenever I get mental block over blog posts, having a good playlist can get you through any moment. Stimulating other senses overall is lifes greatest distraction. Spotify is full of playlists that are there to prompt positive thoughts, and you can even have a little boogie around the house whilst you're taking in a groove. 

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Cook a meal

It's surprising how cooking can be therapeutic, it shouldn't be a stressful chore, so in between whatever it is you're struggling with, find a recipe that your body is truly craving and go and make it. You'll feel energised from eating, feeding your brain something positive whilst having the satisfaction of finishing something. We all know how suddenly one task can lead to several.
I have bursts of energy that after I make my eggs and spinach in the morning, that I'll go onto cleaning the house, organising my studio which will navigate me back to content creating. Having a pathway back to motivation is extremely helpful, start small and work your motivation and energy back to that space that was once filled with negative procrastination. 



You'll hear this dozens of times throughout your life, and that's genuinely because it works for everyone, it's learning how to harness your body and correlate thoughts with how you want to achieve that day. It sounds simply bonkers but only this morning before I bounced into the studio I popped on Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl because I had it stuck in my head, and wanted to have that kind of hustle in my day. So I sat there and curated my own yoga routine to the track, it was quick and gave me a natural bounce in my day. Combining meditation and yoga into your daily routine, gives the mind clarity to have a wander before you collect together a daily question you want to answer. Yoga is brilliant at helping you set goals and breathe through situations, it's surprisingly how much in a state of panic that we forget to slow ourselves down and pay attention to what our bodies and minds are asking. If you're at work, with no space to do this, grab a notebook and pen and set yourself a few goals for that day. It might just take bullet pointing each individual task till you've worked out the sensible way to completing each. But don't just write down what you need to do that day, write down something your body wants and something you should do to lead a healthier life, this could be drink 8 glasses of water, or compliment people in the office. Set yourself up for the good vibes that you'd like to have in a day, and others should bounce off that too. 

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So to get out of the black and into the light of motivation, simply try out a few of these suggestions and it'll be guaranteed to give you that bounce into your life. Clarity is the key to busting down the mental block, distract, find something that gets your hustle on, ask yourself what is it you're intending to achieve and hit the ground running once the pace has picked up. You can do it!

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