Benicassim Festival 2017

4 Days In The Sunny Spanish Mountains Photo Diary

The time has rolled around again, where summer nights are spent in the mountains of Benicassim the home to one of the worlds best festivals. Eyes lit up with joy as the neon lights of South Beach glow and the roar heard from the mountains is heard of the waves of screaming fans below are captured. Benicassim has always been a very special place, it's like going down to Stone Henge, there's just something in the air that makes it feel like something is drawing you towards it. I put it down to the ace lineup that slays year after year, as well as being a stones throw away from a swanky beach, and idyllic towns surrounding bursting with colour, culture and community. I insist on spending my birthdays in Benicassim, because I couldn't think of a better way of celebrating another year on the shoulders of my boyfriend and hearing iconic songs in one location. We can't all say we've heard Wonderwall by Oasis, Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Mountains by Biffy Clyro in one night on their birthday. Just simply, je ne sais quoi. See my previous posts on Benicassim Festival.


Benicassim Festival 2017 Patrick McGuinness & Stephi LaReine
Benicassim Festival 2017 Photo Diary Fashion
Benicassim Festival Fashion 2017 Stephi LaReine

The Acts

This year like every other hosts a range of talent from across the world, with my personal opinion intervening that the lineup gets better by the year, which we all think is impossible - but just you keep an eye out for 2018.

Benicassim 2017 introduced to their stages Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kasabian, Liam Gallagher, Biffy Clyro, Stormzy, Foals, Crystal Fighters, Blossoms, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Deadmau5 and many more. There's truly no point in explaining act by act when you can watch our highlight video below and see how superb each act is. There's no real way of putting into words everyone when to experience it, you knew it was real and you absorbed every moment.

Previous Experiences At Benicassim

2015: Day One, Day Two, Day Three & Day Four 


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Stephi LaReine Dom Daly Benicassim Go Pro Underwater Photo

What To Do Before The Festival Starts

Benicassim is located in Castellon a beautiful town on the coast, which simply means it's incredibly close to one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. It's a must see, as well as a short drive up to Orepesa Del Mar and Marina D'Or which is where we stayed. If you want Vegas in Spain, head up to Marina D'Or it's simply beautiful. It's like being in a movie, filled with so much going on. Our group got our tans on by laying out on our beautiful veranda overlooking the mountains, vineyards and local entertainment, cooking up our favourite dishes and dipping into a few bottles of Sangria, because when in Spain... 

The local beaches weren't as popular as further up town, but during the weekend more kids came out to play, so we headed to our pool where we found groups of people heading to Benicassim playing relevant playlists. There was a series of parties before the party began and we'd never expect anything less from an extremely fun bunch of people. What I've always loved about Benicassim is how many friends you make, I've made more friends for life in Benicassim than I think I have in any other festival. We meet up year after year, bringing more people to the group. As well as finding an incredibly supportive group of new friends in the crowd, everyone helps each other out. You can put a price on that sense of community. 

Benicassim Beach
Benicassim Beach
Stephi LaReine Dom Daly Bloggers
Stephi LaReine Dom Daly

Benicassim Festival Fashion 2017 Stephi LaReine Style Blogger
Benicassim Festival Fashion 2017 Stephi LaReine Style Blogger
Benicassim Festival 2017 Temples
Benicassim Festival Kasabian 2017
Dua Lipa Benicassim 2017


Blossoms Benicassim 2017

Air Con Is A Must

My top tip is to try to stay in a hotel or apartment with air-con, it's Spain and gets very toasty. I do summer camping at all my other complimentary festivals where I channel my inner Bear Grylls, but I like being fresh as possible for each day. There are options to get VIP Villa Camping with sheltered spots within the town of Benicassim, which I'd recommend shelling out the extra money for. Air con is my best friend in Benicassim and after a long session of sunbathing you'll find me sitting in front of it, or diving straight into the pool. The little luxuries make my festival even more special, as it's a holiday and festival in one. But you're willing to brave the heat, keep hydrated, well protected in the sun and buy a battery fan - those few euros will save you. 

Explore The Cuisine

On my last trip to Benicassim I found the most perfect seaside restaurant in Orepesa Del Mar, it was hyped for its expertise in paella. As well as having the most captivating view to have a glass of wine over. 

Take Minimal 

Keep your phone, passport and money in a safe place, bumbags are a life saver so you're not worrying about carrying around a backpack. Benicassim recently introduced the small bag rule, for safety of every individual. Capture the memories, and go have fun - leave your bag for exploring the surrounding town. 

Go See Bands You've Never Heard Of

The best bands are the ones you stroll into. You never know who you might find. Benicassim is opening up more stages by the year, whilst giving young and upcoming talent a platform to perform on. So even if your favourite band doesn't start on Las Palmas under 10pm, you still have 4 hours from the festival site opening to soak up new music. 


Benicassim 2017 Photos
Benicassim Photos 2017
Foals Benicassim 2017

Benicassim 2017 Playlist

South Beach Benicassim 2017

See you all there in 2018!