Empowering Women Through Selfies

Tips & Tricks On Taking Your Best Selfies

Throughout the dawn of #GirlBoss, girl power and the rise of the popular feminist, I'll be taking you through the journey of the importance of selfies, not just for our self esteem, self love and gratitude but turning around to the world and screaming "I'm an independent woman". There's been a huge argument over the years of objectification and empowerment between selfies. Which in my personal opinion needs to be put to bed as 2017 is the year where we are taking more pictures than we have every other year. For World Camera Day the dawn and dusk of selfies will be thoroughly spoken of, whilst also sharing my best selfie tips to get the most of your appearance. 


It's been revealed from a survey conducted by Very.co.uk has turned the lens to how the nation’s photo habits have changed in recent years. The phenomenon of the selfie has inspired the diversity of women to showcase their personality, something I stand by. We see social movements such as no makeup selfies, free the nipple and the truth behind photo editing to reveal brands as well as models are empowering the ideas of flaunting your blemishes whilst revealing the hidden world behind the professional photographic lens. Where instagram feeds are still seen as the best of compilations of our lives, the selfie has drastically taken the world by storm making it a new form of art that we now seen in gallery exhibitions, and photo books. It's a fascinating topic of psychology as to why we're so obsessed with taking images of ourselves, vanity or self empowerment is the argument. So I'm here to say each female to their own, never judge another women as her confidence is paramount in herself, which I stress is the importance and the key of the 21st century to moving forward as a gender, through supporting your fellow sisters in their selfies and giving them some online love.

This survey has spoken about how our photo habits being radicalised that over half of us (54%) take photos only with our smartphone camera, whilst the rest has been split between digital and traditional cameras. My background with having a degree in photography and graphic design I primarily studied why the selfie is so fascinating, and how our little habits make a significant difference to the way we see ourselves. Showing that the right hand is the most popular to shoot with, and that our most treasured and loved photos on social media are of mummy celebrities and their families. Having these little habits can feed into your own photo-habits. One thing I find very interesting is that the face is slightly different on both sides, so by having selfies shot with the right hand can have a profound difference in your selfies. If you want to see it for yourself take a photo with your left and right hand, you'll see the difference for yourself. 

Stephi LaReine Rainbow Hair Selfie
Stephi LaReine Rainbow Hair Selfie

Self Confidence Selfie Tips

So for your empowering selfies, here's my tips on how to get the most from your self confidence and Instagram fix

1. Utilise The Best Lighting

We want to see you for everything you are, beautiful, confident and lit up. I fortunately use studio lights for my in-house shoots, if not natural light is my best friend. I personally try to stay out the midday sun for overblown harsh lines, but finding a shady spot can be equally as beneficial. I'm good friends with world renowned photographer Damian McGillicuddy who does photographic lighting workshops and taught me a lot throughout my degree on how lighting can change a mood. We both see eye to eye in that our photographs are the narratives of our lives, and how cinematography has key importance particularly in the fashion and beauty industry - it's all about context and how that person is portrayed. So what I mean to say is that if you're feeling wonderful in your bikini, slay your bikini confidence on the beach and not in your house. The revolution of the Lumee case is a worthy investment to avoid overblown flashes in the dark, they're incredibly complimentative towards your skin which is a big thumbs up for when I wanna feel extra confident.

2. Experiment With Filters

Going back to cinematography and how it massively influences the personality and narrative of a photograph, you can change up your selfies with filters. I've been an advocate of Photoshop throughout all my teens, as I prefer quality and subtle manipulation of colour over apps. But throughout my experimentation found apps like VSCO, Snapseed and Enlight to be the most powerful for it's capibilities.

Stephi LaReine Rainbow Hair Selfie
Stephi LaReine Rainbow Hair Selfie

3. Bring Out Your Personality

In the Very Survey it was outlined that men are more selfie confident than women. Which needs to change as every woman should be made to feel fabulous in every selfie, maybe it's because statistically we take more photos and are harsher critics to ourselves or other mini doubts we have in ourselves. But the wonderful world of selfies is the gateway of expressionism, art and personality. I've always shouted about how women should never compare themselves, because the path to self confidence is correlated with the path of self love. You are you, and there's no one else like you in the world, so never let the little things pressure you into not feeling empowered by your selfies. Embrace the freckles, the stretch marks, the size, framework of your body, it's what makes you that unique snowflake that people fall in love with. It's the quirks that define you, so rock them and tell the world how confident you are to be you.

4. Yay To The Selfie Stick

I can feel the small tumbleweed of the online world about to come to a halt when mentioning the words that is usually forbidden and so associated with tourists, but they've got the right idea. Most smartphones unless with a wide angle lens cannot capture outside of a solo selfie taker, so add a level of context to your images and surroundings by capturing more in the picture. Smartphones can distort the truth if raised too high or low, the perfect height to capture you as you are is torso height for a true depiction, so the generation of using selfie sticks shouldn't be a stigmatism. Screw society and what they say about them, remember you're not doing this for the judgement of others, but only your own empowerment!

Stephi LaReine Rainbow Hair No Makeup Selfie

It's essential that women are more confident in their own skin, and that the phenomenon of selfies is taken to it's full advtantage where love can be spread online regarding the diversity of beauty. Read more on The Very Big Selfie Survey