In-Airport Experiences You Need To Try Prior to Travelling

Pre-Flight Checks

So wanderlust is the name of our game in todays post, as we highlight all the important elements of going away on holiday. So before you jump in and pack all your liquids, I'm throwing in a few points to consider whilst you're in the airport and a few experiences to try out before you whisk yourself away to a luxurious exotic place for summer. 


Getting A Pre-Flight Treatment

Spa services are available within Liverpool Airport, so whether you're getting a flight at 10am or 7pm there will be someone throughout the day to attend to your brow, nail, lash needs. A pre holiday tint was my favourite treatment so I'm beach ready, as well as getting my nails looking pretty for those perfect nail shots with all my holiday jewellery. Aerospa also provide facials, pre-flight blow dries so your on flight appearance can be as fabulous as the day you come back tanned. 

Stephi LaReine Nails

World Duty Free

Personally, it's the best excuse to go shopping. Before a flight I never bother scoping out the miniatures outside of the airport, as I have everything I need in Duty Free. I always take advantage of the huge discounts available, and stock up before my next trip away. At World Duty Free some fantastic savings can be made, and especially if flying out of the European Union. With fragrances being up to 20% cheaper, than UK high street stores as well as spirits or champagne - making it the perfect gift to either bring back or take to your next destination. 

Whilst I'm hanging around World Duty Free I always insist on checking out the available range of jewellery from brands such as Swarovski, Pandora and Karen Millen. Then an absolute must is browsing through Radley and Ted Baker handbags. It's shopping heaven, and helps eat up the time whilst you're waiting for your flight to arrive. I've recently also learnt about the reservation service World Duty Free has implemented, so a quick and easy experience can be attained if you browse the Duty Free website, reserve and pay in store for your goodies, this service is available from one month to 24 hours before your flight. 

Check out the shops available in Liverpool John Lennon Airport 

Buying A Holiday Read

I love a good book to pass the time throughout my flight, it's the best time where I can put away my phone, shut off from the world whilst diving off into another world. It's miraculous how quickly the time flies back, no pun intended. An in-airport must is scoping out the latest books in WH Smith. You'll find me picking up the latest copy of Vogue, a packet of travel sweets, or a sandwich and a bottle of water ready to jump on board. I never leave without my essentials, so having all the best facilities within the airport means I'm not lugging everything I need in my suitcase that's checked into my luggage, and no faffing around in my hand luggage when everything I need is available in the airport. 

Liverpool Airport


A while back I flew to Amsterdam with one of my challenges to use a Travellex card, and it's simply the best method to avoid having to pile up the notes in your wallet, being incredibly safe and accepted in most bars, restaurants and shops with card facilities. It's also the most ideal method of beating the queues just before you land into the airport late and want to take out travel money. Simply stroll up to the Travellex desk and pick up your card, it is the essential airport item to guarantee a purse that is free of jangling, and secure whilst having fun in other countries. 

Parking Up In The Car Park

So Liverpool John Lennon has a choice of four car parks to stay in; Long Stay, Multi-Storey, Family Fast Track, and Fast Track. All super ideal to park in, knowing you've got safety and security for your car in your time away. Airport Zurich transfer can help you in riding back home with the luxury of your own car for a less price. All car parking plans have been catered for every kind of traveler, with perks such as discounted gates rates.  Check all the available options for Liverpool John Lennon Airport Parking.

Liverpool Airport

So whether you're running off for a treatment, or checking out the latest headphones there's always something to do in the airport. Check out all the shops for Liverpool Airport.