Top 3 Shoes You Need This Summer

My Picks Of Embroidered Shoes

Embroidered pieces are everywhere at the moment, I simply cannot stop wearing the delicate prints on a variety of textures like in my posts wearing a beautiful sell out H&M dress, as well as my chunky boho embroidered boots and finally teaming a double embroidery with silk and pom bags. But today we're talking the best shoes of the summer, I've teamed with Ego Shoes for a post that's going to get you party-ready, festival-ready and more importantly summer-ready! I've picked three selections for three occasions, but of course style is personal so if you night out consists of wearing lace up sandals, then definitely nail it!


Floral Embroidered Lace Up Trainers

Trainers have been working their way into my wardrobe, for the days I fancy being more sports luxe. It's one of the best decisions I ever made to choose comfort. I adore the embroidered patches sewn onto the sides of my floral trainers for their versatility, taking my days full of meetings and being creative and giving them my classic Stephi twist.

My top tip for styling these would be with a pretty day time dress, or with shredded jeans, a lose shirt tied around my waist with a graphic tee. The beauty of having white shoes is that they go with everything!

Multi Strap Lace Up Pom Pom Sandals

Heading away somewhere dreamy and exotic? Or simply a day at the beach. Go for a pair of Pom Pom Sandals to jazz up your summer ensemble. Perfect for a festival away, leave your wellies and channel your inner Coachella with vivid colours, aztec prints and tassels.

As my summer is brimming with festivals and jetting off to exotic countries, my top holiday and festival tip is to let the shoes do the talking. When I wear sandals I try to let the shoes and bag overpower my ensemble. Until I change throughout the night that is, then everything becomes covered in poms and tassels - naturally.

Floral Print Ankle Boots

You lot should know I'm very partial to an ankle boot, they take me through all my best moments in life. Having that flattering cut of boot is one of the most important choices in my window shopping. Ego's Floral Velvet Brown Ankle Boot was the perfect pick for styling up from my most extravagant print-tastic outfits of the day, or simplistic oversized jumpers and jeans. They've spiced up my shoe wardrobe, whilst being extremely comfortable. 

Styling these ankle boots, is my city look where you'll find me strutting through the streets. I'd style my floral boots with a flared cropped trouser, bell sleeve bardot top and neck tie.