Titanic Hotel Liverpool

On the docks of Liverpool, merely a stones throw away from some of the hottest locations and shindigs in the city centre is a star attraction hotel that is the Titanic Hotel Liverpool. It's the epicentre of food, entertainment and music venues. With local entertainment, like Festevol and Sound City it's a great occupancy whilst enjoying marvellous views over to the wirral, taking in the Mersey breeze. Today I'm talking about my stay at the Titanic and why it's one of my favourite hotels in Liverpool.

My stay was co-insided with Festevol, being only a few minutes walk away. Where we danced, celebrated and resided for the evening. The Titanic has many facilities to make your stay leisurable and luxurious including the Maya Blue Wellness facility in which you can be pampered, massaged and indulge in their Thermal Suite. The pool in itself is a delight with it's heavenly Georgian decor and dazzling blue pool. 

Having explored the Titanic Hotel previously, including invites to after parties at Sound City and various meetings, it is the sweet spot to celebrate large events. Their extravagant cocktail menu in the Rum Warehouse is a must see. So it's well worth correlating a girly night or birthday celebration over a few cocktails to take advantage of their Summer Escapes and City Taste Breaker deals. 

For our stay we had the Superior Dockside room which boasted bags of character, with it's true to its roots dockside decor, with living room setting, complimentary variation of channels - which my boyfriend took well advantage of Sky Sports before we hit up Festevol! The bathroom decorated more modernly, with a large wet room drench shower and beautiful bath tub which I'm still awed over. The bed was mega comfy and the perfect size for two people who like to starfish in bed. It's time to talk about the outstanding views that come with the incredible Superior Dockside room that are staggering, one of those see it and believe it moments. Complimenting the best views of the Mersey and a scenic view onto the surrounded warehouses in this famous area of Liverpool. 


The dining options in Titanic are glorious, whilst room service has a vast variety of possibilities from burgers, pizzas to midnight sandwiches. If we'd had more time during our evening before we'd have dined in and tried out their famous grilled dishes. But for breakfast went for a classic English fry up followed with some cereal and fruit, which truly set us up for the day. I highly recommend on a lovely sunny day taking some afternoon tea outside in terrace on the other side of the Titanic entrance, whilst enjoying gorgeous views and spectacular service. I strive to make all my meetings in the Titanic as everyone simply raves about how grand and wonderful the Titanic Hotel truly is. I'm excited to head back on a weekend and explore the menu even further. 

The Titanic is located on Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool, L30AN, and if correlating with travel plans is easily accessible with only a few pounds from city centre and major transportation links.