Everything You Need To Know About Sound City

Having been the blogger of Liverpool Sound City of the past few years, I've learnt all the secrets of Sound City, from backstage life, where you'll find the best places to find new bands and getting the most out of the weekend. There's so much to do, so here's my day in the life of Sound City so you can too this weekend run around having the best memories. 


Liverpool Sound City 2017

Do Live Drawing

Last year I was celebrated for doing something different in my usual Sound City schedule, I usually chat away to the lovely dude who pops on some nude knickers on the breezy docks, I usually do this first thing as I walk in. The live drawing of Unusual Art Sourcing is a good excuse to sit down, have a bite to eat, kick back and be as serious or un-serious as your heart desires. 

Jump On The Pirate Ship

This is a very special privilege, and an absolute rarity but it was always my dream to see a band on a boat, but never mind a pirates ship. Ship Ahoy! 

Try The Rides

Every day they have a few rides to buckle yourself into. I'd advise doing this either before you've down a pint or two. Or if your bravery and adrenaline is a go go go, then at the end of the night when the sun has dipped over the river Mersey. You'll get the bests sites listening to your favourite bands. 

Liverpool Sound City 2017 Stephi LaReine

Keep Your Eye Out For The Best Dressed

Last year I saw peacocks, feather ladies, carnival sculptures and drummers dressed as Aladdin Jeanie. Dress up yourself, it might be a city festival but it doesn't mean you can dunk your face in a pile of glitter. I always do, and it gives me life. Check them out walking around the festival, they'll usually be knocking about for the ultimate festival selfie. 

Cram In As Many Bands As Possible

This is my aim year after year, I dance until I drop, grab myself a coffee and whisky (then usually pour them in together) until I'm back up again. Liverpool Sound City prides themselves in the variation of talent, so don't just stick to the main stage, fill up all the smaller stages to. The weather is meant to be hitting a blistering 28, so run into the smaller tents and have a boogie. 

Want To Meet Some Bands? 

Hang around the main stage gates, all the bands like to pop out and see everyone else. Or they'll be tucked away in the cushy VIP area, but Liverpool Sound City is so free that you'll see all your favourite acts wandering the festival site. 

Liverpool Sound City 2017 Stephi LaReine
Liverpool Sound City 2017 Stephi LaReine

Share Out Your Food

As much as you want to wolf down your falafel, it's simply impossible to try out all the food stalls without passing out into a food coma, so if you're in a group share out the food, as it's simply un-missable to avoid churros, wraps, scouse, and Jack Daniels infused burgers. 

Come & See Me

Watch out for the rainbow, if you ever need any band recommendations, hidden gems or fancy a boogie, you'll either find me backstage, at the front of each stage or interviewing bands amongst the main festival site. 

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Liverpool Sound City 2017 Stephi LaReine