24 Hour Party People

Less jackets, more t-shirts. That's been my recent motto of the past few weeks. The sun is actually shining and I can't recall the last time I wore something to cover my arms, it's absolute bliss. Today I'm collaborating with Topshop on their latest launch of summer dresses, that have us swinging our way into festival season. As you all know I've been a real sucker for denim ever since I released my #DoYou collection Gap last year. It's been a constant wind of denim, denim and maybe some more styled denim. Its a trend that will see you through every moment, we've all learned from the older generation to cling onto our old Levi jeans because they last the fashion trends of forever and ever. Today it's all about statement cult t-shirts and dungarees. 



So I've been pairing fishnet tights with dresses for a while, but as of late incase you've not been on instagram and reading fashion magazines. Fishnets have taken over - huzzah! They're the accessory of the summer, paired in many colours and size holes to suit all occasions. So I decided to rock the denim pinafore and t-shirt look. A statement to behold, worn one shoulder asymmetrically is very now, and a way I've learnt to grow towards. So whilst we're on the topic of denim pinafores, Topshop has been bringing out beautiful dresses from canary floral prints, to gingham ruffles. It's bringing tears to my eyes knowing I couldn't fit all my favourites in my wardrobe. It's time to extend my ever growing collection to yet another room so I can expand upon my summer pieces.