Being An Eccentric Dresser

So every year, I touch briefly on the uniquely dazzling world of eccentric dressing. I've talked about gaining bikini confidence, as well as making style statements but this time round, I'll be offering a new perspective on summer fashion. Let's forget trends, and any other outside influence and talk about you, and want you want out your own confidence, as well as dressing to get the best of you. 

Stephi LaReine Rainbow Festival Fashion Heart Sunglasses
Stephi LaReine Rainbow Festival Fashion

Style is so enriched with personality, it speaks a lot about people and their perceptions of themselves. Stop me if I'm getting too far ahead of myself, but I think you should dress for you, and not for the acceptance of others. That's my ground rule, and won't tolerate anything less than my own self esteem and happiness to define what I'm comfortable in. If you're still with me and thinking "but you talk about trends so much" think again, this blog is a platform for positive revolution, where only I'll suggest trends, someone keeps the majority informed and there's luckily a whole bunch of people who read this, because they like dressing seasonally. Which is completely fine, I do me, and you do you. But there's another story to dress uncomfortably for the sake of another. That's the grand no no, wag your finger till it sinks in moment. 

The very wise Iris Apfel said "When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't think like everyone else" style epitomises a lifestyle, whether you wear comfortable jeans to skin tight ones. It speaks about you and how you represent yourself. Being an eccentric dresser holds me up raw and exposed to comments on and offline, I don't blend into my surroundings particular well, but that's a perfectly reasonable decision of mine. I attempt to bat criticism away, as I'd never judge another human being or think of them as any lower for dressing a particular way - if they're happy, I'm happy too. 


Stephi LaReine Rainbow Festival Fashion Liverpool Blogger
Stephi LaReine crochet rainbow dress by elsie and fred
rainbow crochet dress by elsie and fred
heart shaped sunglasses outfit

Less Cliques, More Compliments

I think what this post is getting at, is that formulated way of thinking of tribalistic tendencies to be accepted by another. I always speak of the core of when man and woman first decided to formulate groups and how it's trickled into mainstream society, in a way I can only classify as the Mean Girls separation. We all know the iconic scene in the high school canteen where style segregation is formed. The Plastic, Desperate Wannabes, Burnouts, Sexually Active Band Geeks, cue the shudder. These cliques have a set of rules and guidelines, so what I'm here to say is abolish the 'we only wear pink on wednesdays' rule. Wear what you want, when you want. Realistically, that should be the drop the mic moment, where this post concludes but I'm going to outline one more point to encourage this revolution of being unique. 

Social Media Style

Social media is the visual best of moments of our lives. It's extremely easy to be sucked into the world of instagram likes, and therefore very influential way of dressing, yes totally wear a dress that you found from another instagrammer. But I speak to a lot of women who find themselves saying they only bought the dress for instagram photos, and the second they've got their shot they get changed. Which I think completely nulls the point of style. Be proud to wear that dress, the streets are your catwalk as much as your online profile is. Stay the wonderful unique snowflake that you are and do you. 


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