Daughters Of The Revolution

The future is in females. This is not your 'females will run the world' post but I wanted to brush on the topic of girl power and love and respect for women. This is your future mothers, sisters, aunties, friends, partners and how teaching them the fundamental principles of their worth will raise confidence, self esteem and independence in many years to come. I frequently sit down my fellow females to praise, support and lift them up. With the rise of inspirational figures and brands telling women of all ages to be who you want to be, we're gradually seeing a more beautiful world filled with positivity. I subscribe to a lot instagram accounts that give me that boost. I've learnt by weeding out bad influences and people who don't share this view has focused my mind to being more positive, to sustain a good wellbeing and see the brilliance in how wonderful women are. 

Photos by Andrew Harrison


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Stephi LaReine by Andrew Harrison

Females Are The Future

This is me giving a little #GirlBoss love to anyone who thinks little of themselves. I've been breaking out the subtle boundaries in life that were once semi-segregated for women to do. I'd love to have seen the first woman who had the blahzay attitude and airs of grace to stroll out in a pair of trousers. It's similar to free the nipple, which has been trending worldwide and still one of the hottest topics of conversation. By removing the box of society females can have all the wonders in life that they desire. In my opinion the only thing ever stopping you from doing or achieving anything is yourself. 

Dress like you want to dress. Be who you want to be. Here's some inspiring words to keep your aura positive. 

Love, respect, celebrate and support. Those four words are the navigation of my life, in how I treat people, I couldn't see life down another road knowing that my good intentions resonate happiness on others. The amount of times I've been told "I wish I was positive like you" "You see the good in everything" which makes me in turn feel great. By treating people like they're special, giving them your time. I recently wrote about how giving someone your time is priceless and how love is all you need. Love for others will see love being returned. So you're probably thinking "why does this affect the females in my life?" Humans gravitate towards the ideas of tribalism, I think its instinctively part of our being for survival, we all want to be part of something, because we know it's what got us to this point thousands of years later. In a group of people, we blend in and become sheep-like. You become more considerate to that crowd, like meeting up with your grandparents - you don't start effing and cursing your way through conversations. But you might do when you're around your friends on a friday night, because they do. So by using this tribalistic philosophy of mine if you're kind, caring, considerate and supportive of each other, they should reciprocate your positive energy. The universe resonates in mysterious and unthinkable ways and I suppose karma and the butterfly effect can come into this, that saying whatever you do has a lasting effect with another or your surroundings. 

You were taught from someone what's right and wrong, and you may teach someone one day what's acceptable and not. So implementing the fundamental prospects of those four words I will continue to talk about (Love, respect, celebrate and support) we'll be setting the example of the future.

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Stephi LaReine