getting eyebrows microbladed in liverpool

Getting Your Brows Microbladed

I'm quite excited and been trying to contain all the wonderful info I have on this topic today. The revolution of eyebrow care over the past few years has massively rocketed, particularly in Liverpool. Scousebrows are very much so still a happening hip thing here, and we're bloody proud of them too. I rarely call beauty experiences life changing and exceptionally confidence boosting but microblading has hit the top of the list.

If you're unfamiliar with what it is, it's similar along the lines of tattooing your eyebrows, but with a greater difference - they look completely natural. To give your brows an extra edge you must go for eyebrow extensions as well. You should approach a professional like projectbaddie.com to get those perfect brows. They are a team of skilled professionals in this field, so you will get flawless results.

I always wanted walk out the door brows, ones you feel blessed to call your own. Fluffy, thick, shapely and full, microblading is extraordinary in that it can turn an over plucker from the 90s into Cara Delivigne, no exaggeration. Microbladed eyebrows are expected to last between 12-18 months which gradually fade to normal over time. Which for me personally is a sense of relief as finding a definite shape through tattooing involves a lot of stress and trust. I went through a treatment with Nirvana Aesthetics on Rodney Street in Liverpool where I halved my makeup routine without the need to fill them in every morning.

Microblading in Liverpool with Stephi LaReine

Microblading Treatment

Going in for my treatment I had no idea what to expect apart from I knew small scratch marks would be made onto my eyebrows so that individual hairstrokes would build up to fuller brows. I'd read so many stories online of the pain you go through, but when done properly it's nothing more than a bit tickly on the nose. What I love about microblading is that there's a huge variety of colour options for different skin tones. I love my eyebrows quite dark and thick so I went for the shade one down from a blue black, which would also guarantee their elongivity before needing a top up. 

The procedure itself involves two anaesthetics being put on your eyebrows to make any pain as minimal as possible. As well as a dye-ink which colours the brows and preps it for the incisions. Marks were mapped on on my head to ensure my eyebrows would be twins and not sisters, symmetry and ideal brow shape are taken into consideration. If you haven't got much to work with, it's no issue whatsoever as a new shape can be created that will look completely natural. 

I wanted my eyebrows extending at the tail end, looking more symmetrical and full so I was shown my shape-to-be and for the next hour sat very still, having a fabulous giggle throughout. Occasionally I needed to wipe my eyes as they felt a bit watery but that's completely natural, it's less painful than a tattoo as the scratches are only 3mm deep. 

Microblading eyebrows in Liverpool with Stephi LaReine
Microblading eyebrows in Liverpool with Stephi LaReine
Microblading eyebrows in Liverpool with Stephi LaReine

Aftercare For Microbladed Eyebrows

Try not to get them wet in the first few days, and wearing brow makeup is a total no-no. I was recommended to not use any aftercare until my next top-up a few weeks later. During the first few days the eyebrows scab up in the same way a tattoo does, so keep the area dry and product free. Upon top-up I'd recommend wiping a small amount of water across each eyebrow every hour for the first day to seal in the colour. Then you don't have to worry about having to book another early appointment and using the recommended ointment for the brows. The first top up doesn't scab so you're good to start wearing brow makeup - not that you need it after that!


So how much does Microblading cost? For a new set of eyebrows you're expected to pay £250 whilst top ups are £100. Worth every penny spent for having Instagrammable eyebrows first thing in the morning. 

I owe all my new found confidence to Sophie at Nirvana Aesthethics as my face shape looks more even, and saved me a good amount of money per year having to invest in brow products - it's simply miraculous. The Brow Doctor worked her magic again. Check out The Brow Doctor Instagram for some brow inspiration!